Thursday, December 18, 2014

Adult Star Dato Foland

Dato's Russian, 5 feet, 8 inches tall, and was born October 21, 1984. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Balls are Ringing (II)

There's just something extra-sexy about men's underwear, especially when it's being worn by a handsome gentleman and his cock is majestically throbbing out of the fly, complete with a crown of pubic hairs adorning its base (like the one above).  The Balls are Ringing smut magazine included many models and VGMH wishes they had more photos of this guy poking out of his briefs.

Also included in The Balls are Ringing was the advertisement below for additional gay entertainment selections.  With the over-abundance of smut available these days courtesy of the Internet and just a couple of mouse clicks, this is a reminder of another time when porn choices were much more limited.  The options in this ad for paying are cash, check or money order.  Postage added fifty cents for the first item and an additional twenty five cents for every additional item.  With titles such as Black Bart, Beefcake, The Male Male, Cruising the Continent, and The Phallus to select from, who could pick just one?

Another gem found in this magazine is the advertisement below looking for potential writers.  We've acknowledged the talents of film directors in vintage smut  (It's well-known that many mainstream talents started their careers in erotica).  But often overlooked are the smut writers who produced the all-important copy/narrative for these smut publications.  Many of these guys were making extra cash while trying to get a break in mainstream as well.  
Most printed porn of the era included some form of written narrative to go along with the photos, which was not by accident.  In 1973 the Supreme Court had established (in Miller v. California) the test to determine obscenity, employingg a three-part test.  And one of those three parts of the test was whether the work, taken as whole, included serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value."

Interestingly, this ad pays the most for original short stories pertaining to gay love and sex, half as much for reviews, political opinions and cartoons, and even less for something that they describe as "cartoons without illustrations" which makes VGMH wonder what kind of cartoon that could be.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

The BALLS are Ringing!

Let's continue with our holidays theme with this nice vintage smut magazine cover.  The BALLS are RINGING has some fun lettering going on along with artwork in the form of a set of bells ringing.  It's so darn much fun to play with innocent phrases using a naughty sexual context, and here the writer tells us "Young studs come together and have a ball" and by the look in the eyes of these two young men, some balls are definitely going to get rung!   It seems like this already-naked gent with the curly hair-do is happily unwrapping the pants off his friend.  Fun!  We'll open up this vintage magazine and take a look inside all during this ho-ho-holiday season to see which guys are being naughty and which are being very nice to their buddies.  Opps! It already looks like our curly haired gent can't wait to get naughty with the head of his friend's dick!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Big Logs and Men's Minds

Advertisers have long used suggestive imagery in ads to get away with showing one thing while tricking the brain into getting all 'hot and bothered' about something that it connects to in a different context, such as sexually.   We're men and they know that we (both gay and straight) like looking at sexual images.  There's a reason why straight porn isn't just naked ladies and typically features men as well.   This photo is a great example in that we have the cylinder-shaped monster between this man's legs (looking very happy to see us by the way) and the rather erect-looking green cylinder-shaped horticulture growing in the background, complete with smaller round globes at its base.  Hey, why are my shorts suddenly getting tight?
The snap shot above is another example where it sure looks like some smart tourists put two and two together and came up with THIS LOOKS SORTA LIKE A BIG GREEN COCK AND BALLS.  And regarding the ad many ideas..  .what other colors/sizes does it come in?  Does it vibrate or pulse if turned up loud enough?
And then sometimes the message is more direct and to the point.  Diamonds may be forever, but it's the man that sweated like a dog to purchase those rocks for his love.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Season's Greetings Art!

There's something both wonderfully 'naughty and nice' about these illustrations from another era.  The erotica is just about to boil over, but because they were created for magazines in an time,  much is left to the reader's imagination regarding how things eventually conclude. Interestingly, VGMH couldn't help but notice that the dishy hunk on the phone in the first illustration has a great treasure trail of hair that seems to end where it should get thicker...shaving back then, too (tee hee hee--as we pretend to blush)?  If only that towel wasn't in our way!  'Tis the season for surprises to all good boys of all ages!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Toys Toys Toys

Santa may be busy this season, what with bringing guys who have been good the reliable gifts that they requested-dildos!  And after all, what's better than having a lot of toys to play with?  Some of these toy collections look like they have a cock type and size to fill any mood or itch. 

A few years back a new fad began which actually continues to grow in popularity--make a mold of your own cock (or that of someone you love).  Thanks to cock-mold making kits (and also free Internet instructions for do-it-yourself cock-moldings, using readily available craft store products) men today can share copies of their pleasure-making shafts with their loved ones even while they are away.   Of course, more than a few gay men enjoy fucking themselves with a copy of their own cocks as well!  Not surprisingly, military men have been big customers prior to deployments.  A fun story
a few years back was about craft store employees located near big military bases, who were confused about needing to increase their stock of the certain items that were rapidly selling out--items that were listed on how-to mold your cock Internet instruction sites!
Have you ever made a mold of your own cock? If so please let us know in the comment section!

 Do you have a favorite dildo, or a dildo collection?  How many?  
Please share in the comment section!
While it might be nice to keep a collection of real-life men handy for enjoying their dicks, dildos are an easier alternative (and much easier to care for!)

Friday, December 5, 2014

It Gets Better II

We know that since the early silent movie days, people have come to Hollywood with their dreams for a future in which they will be happy, and that sometimes those dreams actually do come true.  But for decades and decades, it's also been a fact that oftentimes in order to pay the rent and eat, many of these aspiring starletts take available employment opportunities whenever they make themselves apparent.   In the process, they've established their mark in erotica and Hollywood history, no matter if they eventually actually "made it" in conventional movies or if they gave it their best shot and moved on to pursue other dreams.  This is the story of one young man who not only had big dreams, but also the talent and ambition to make those dreams come true.  But sometimes fate just doesn't deal fair  hands.
It's reported that he had been born in Milledgeville, Ga. and was raised by fundamental Baptists. He attended Bob Jones University (Johnny was expelled halfway through his senior year when he chose to come out) in South Carolina.  Like so many young men before him, he left behind the life he had known and moved out to Hollywood to find his dreams in the late 1980s.  It's not as easy (as that last sentence may sound) to move away from what you know and who you love for an uncertain future in a new place, and that takes real courage and drive.  In addition to retail and other jobs, he eventually found celebrity in the rapidly growing home market for porn.  But sadly, by November 24, 2004 it was reported that a Mr. Barry Thomas "J.T." Rogers had committed suicide earlier on November 7th of that same year by hanging himself with wire on the fence of the Atlanta Botanical Garden.  This is not how the story should end, right?  After all, many men before him had dropped their pants (in straight and gay smut) to make some cash, and usually if things didn't work out they would simply move on.  Why did this man decide to end things?  A suicide note is said to have complained of his frustration at not being able to receive assistance from Social Security.  He was 39.
Wait a minute, what went wrong?  It's a shame that mainstream movie or TV roles didn't follow so much (although he did find extra work there), because he was a good actor who could have made it in mainstream entertainment with the right breaks.  Big adult film studios like Catalina, All Worlds Video, and Falcon had signed him up for projects at a time when casting was easy.  He won two Adult Erotic Gay Video Awards: "Best Supporting Actor" in 1993 for the film Body Search and in 1995 for All about SteveMany credited his actual acting talents in these films as much as his quality sexual performances.  It's reported that he was twice a contestant on The Dating Game TV show (winning once).  Obviously this was not a man who was waiting for things to happen--he was working hard to create his own luck.

Barry appeared in over 35 adult films and was probably best known for playing with the stage name Johnny Rahm.   In the eyes of some, Barry had probably become just another expendable human product of a porn industry serving a mainstream audience with an insatiable desire to watch sex tapes in the privacy of their homes.  During a part of his career the gay smut market was changing and growing, thanks in part to AIDS and the risk of actual sexual relations compared to renting a tape.

After about ten years in California, it's reported that he moved to Atlanta in 1999 and tried stand-up comedy ( he had previously performed as a Jerry Lewis impersonator on the “Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon), but he struggled financially while trying to kick-start his new career in show business.   He went back to performing in smut videos for an Atlanta-based producer of hardcore and bareback adult films.  By 2004, Mr. Rogers shared a house in midtown Atlanta and sought financial assistance to find a home of his own.   It's reported that Barry suffered from chronic depression and lived with both HIV and hepatitis.  Then he evidentally decided to end it all. The organization It Gets Better is there to help with getting through not only the difficulties that life brings to us all, but especially understanding the prejudices and added burdens and suffering imposed upon gay men. 

 Johnny Rahm's gay porn films include:
All About Steve
The Best of Johnny Rahm
Body Search
Bound to Please Volume 5
Boy Crazed
The Boy Next Door
The Car Salesman
Country Buddies
Daddy Hunt
The Devil and Danny Webster
The First Time
GI Jocks: Out of the Ranks
A Heavenly Touch
In Your Face
Just Guys
Mess Hall Maneuvers
Midnight Sun
Movers & Shakers
My Cousin Danny
On the Lookout
Once in a Blue Moon
Open House
Porn Fiction
The Return of Johnny Rahm
Shockingly Shameless
Spanish Hardon
Straight to the Zone
Toilet Tramps
Trading Up
The Ultimate Orgy

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

It Gets Better

The holidays can be a time of stress and anxiety, just as much as they can bring happiness and peace.  Suicide rates go up.  It's probably a good time to remember that in 1985, a famous handsome football star desperately laid himself 100 feet above the ground atop the cold cement Kensico Dam ledge, asked God to forgive him, and then rolled his body off in an attempt to kill himself.   Why?  The tough offensive lineman for the University of Pittsburgh (1977-1979) felt he couldn't deal with the nightmare that had become his life.

Ryan White
He was living secretly as a gay man in a world where the word "gay" wasn't used---"fag" or "faggot" were the derogatory insults of choice.  And this was the mid-1980's when men were dying like flies from AIDS and many in society said openly that they were happy to get rid of homosexuals.   The same year that he tried to kill himself, 13 year-old Ryan White became a symbol of the intolerance that was inflicted on AIDS victims.  Once it became known that Ryan (a hemophiliac who had contracted the disease from a tainted blood transfusion) school officials banned him from classes and he was subjected to prejudice for just being sick.

Just 12 days before trying to end his life on the dam, Ed had decided he couldn't be untrue to his desires any longer and had his first sexual encounter with another man. Only the joy of waking up next to another guy (who he had met at a gay bar the night before) was overcome by the real-life fear of AIDS and the knowing that he was one of the people that mainstream society loathed.

"I was so scared of dying of AIDS and hurting others, I thought maybe I should just kill myself," Gallagher recalled later. "I didn't’t want to be gay, I didn't’t want my father knowing, I didn't’t want anyone knowing."

 Only  fate stepped in and this 6' 3" gay sportsman didn't die.
Gallagher survived the fall but discovered that he was left a paraplegic.  He later recalled that before his suicide attempt, Ed had become unable to reconcile the image of himself as a masculine athlete with being gay.  He later admitted that the incident forced him to come to grips with his own sexuality: "I was more emotionally paralyzed then, than I am physically now."  Ed saw it as a second chance at life and he made every moment count. He knew firsthand the stereotypes of gay men as being effeminate and non-competitive.  Ed knew the myth that there are no gay football players in college or pro sports.  And he knew that he was living proof that they were lies---and he said so to everybody who would listen.

Ed made it a point to tell his story and show his pride in who he was as a man.  He focused his efforts on helping kids accept themselves for who they are.  Ed also went on to become a fierce advocate for disabled rights, creating the organization Alive To Thrive.  He eventually died May 2005, after having a life-changing positive impact on thousands of others.  Thank you.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Vintage Holiday Fun and the 'Case of The Confused Bride'.

Note: The Holidays have officially kicked-off here at VGMH and like any good old-fashioned department store, we aim to offer that certain something that today's big box mega store's just can't even imagine providing--a fun shopping experience with all the extra decorations and elaborate window displays that made the actual buying of gifts special and fun.  Truth be told, many families couldn't afford to actually buy at these department stores (thank goodness for Woolworth and Penny's and the like) but they could visit and take in the decorations and Santa's and hustle-bustle on a more personable level than usually exists today.   Because we like EVERYTHING about decorating for the holidays, no matter how expensive or cheap or elegant or tacky, our celebration is about enjoying and not judging. And then just as now, it's all about loving one another and giving what you can because you want to.  A warm, heartfelt hug from someone special in our lives (past and present included) would be the ultimate gift for many of us.

The "case of the confused bride" is very interesting indeed because it used negative advertising (to scare and threaten) instead of positively selling the product--guys under shorts.  Here we have a polka-dot wearing, pointy-bra-titted young lady in her favorite department store's men's shop, buying some under shorts for her new hubby, Phil.  Even by the female-subservient standards that were acceptable in media (and much of society) back then in 1951, this ad is harsh and rather bizarre, when one considers that is intended to sell a product via trade-mark warnings.  The negative advertising messages are presented in the two cartoonish drawings as well as in the rather lengthy accompanying narrative.

First off, visually we see not only our lady customer in the forefront, but also another female in the background picking out a tie.  It may be the men's shop for items that will adorn the bodies of guys, but it's very clear that women are the ones buying the clothes for their men.  The lady in the background is actually very important to the ad's message, in that she reinforces the idea that she is making a decision for her man, and thus our gal pal looking for shorts is also making a decision for her man.   It's also not by accident that a male torso is presented in this first frame as a mannequin wearing shorts--If selecting the right tie is important, than so is selecting the right shorts in which his cock and balls rest and sweat all day long--even if nobody will ever see his underwear (hopefully for the sake of their recent marriage they won't) while he's at work.  There's a dramatically different tone between the first and second frames-the first frame is happy while the second frame appears as more threatening and angry because she was about to make a wrong choice in shorts. 

In the narrative, we get to learn that our blushing bride was out shopping "right after our honeymoon" which is probably why she has a new found appreciation for making sure that the family jewels are well taken care of.  But all hell breaks loose when this stupid bitch goes and pisses the male clerk off by saying "I need some men's knit shorts-Jockey type--" which she should have known better than to do!

He may be a salesman, but he's a man first, and this woman has crossed the line and needs him to put her in her place.  He then proceeds to tell her off good and proper, making sure she never forgets to always ask for Jockey Brand shorts by name.  She gets off with a nasty finger scolding in her face and some shouting as he stands over her.  If only the newly-wed hubby knew that so much drama was going on about his man junk! 

Jockey is forgiven for this weird ad because in the following decades (and even back then) they have offered so many great positive and sexy advertisements.  And considering how good men look in underwear, no matter what the era, no matter if the person married to the hubby is a woman or another man (unthinkable back then!), we salute guys in their shorts.