Sunday, August 17, 2014

From Behind

Back in 1999, a 106-page treasure for smut aficionados was published by Twin Palms Publishers.    The photos in this book are from the 1990s but the process of making a porno have not changed much in terms of the men behind the scenes required for any decent production.  If you ever get the chance to find a copy you'll be in for a special "behind the scenes" treat of how professional porn is often made.   
Making a smut movie basics:  First, there's the location or set.  Then there's the crew which includes the camera man, the lighting man, the director, and maybe one or two assistants.   Here at VGMH we've already documented and recalled stories of actors who have had their ball sacks burned by extremely hot lights when the action demands close-ups.  One vintage actor recalled someone on the set taking orders and bringing back a paper sack filled with greasy french fries and cheeseburgers, and the smell of raw onions on the man he was blowing as he kept belching.   And in eras before erection pills to guarantee a boner on demand, we've noted how models relied on a bottle of baby oil or a penis pump to get ready for their scene.
As the book Pornographic lets us know, photographer Ken Probst had been hired to photograph porn film actors for publicity pictures.  He began to photograph behind the scenes, and  in the process "[...] revealing the absurdities, pathos, and business of the pornographic film industry. These photographs, whether they portray an elaborate sexual situation or actors waiting between takes, are remarkable documents that observe the banality of manufacturing desire."

Without a doubt, some VGMH followers will be able to recognize some of the films and stars in the photos.  It looks like director John Rutherford working with Trent Reed on Falcon Studio's Billy’s Tale from 1994. And that looks like Jake Andrew and Chance Caldwell in The Abduction 2: The Conflict.  It also looks like there's Tom Katt in The Abduction 3 : The Redemption from 1993. 

Please stay tuned for part two

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

George Payne circa 1976

George Payne plays a handsome construction worker named Charlie Dobbs in 1976's Kiss Today Goodbye who finds sexual opportunities everywhere that he goes, but in the process he cheats on his boyfriend.  Dobbs (Payne) meets a straight-identified businessman (Seager) and they form a bromance, thanks to how desperately unhappy each of them are with their respective mates back home. The storyline involves male sexual desires and a growing emotional dependence that each dude builds for the other's acceptance and understanding.  This was an era when porn movies were really trying to be films with connected plots, drama, dialog, and this one even included some special effects camera work!  Actually, reviews were mixed about this flick, but who cannot grin at a gay sex movie where one of the men in the credits is named Ben Dover?  
The scene of Payne and Seager lying on the floor next to a fireplace, as Seager sucks on Payne's cock, still remains sexy decades afterwards.  Bearded Payne is master of his cock as he guides its head into Seager's eager mouth. Then a horny Seager kneels with his back facing George, offering Payne to mount him. Payne positions himself behind his partner as his cock (hands-free) instinctively enters (this is pre-condom era sex) Seager's ass.  A methodical fucking session begins, much to the painful delight of Seager, until George releases himself.  It's worthy to note that this was before home videos and the action happening in the film was played on a large theatre screen for an audience sharing the erotic experience together.  The film had its world premiere in New York City on Broadway at a time when the area around 49th street was filled with adult shops and theatres.  Writer H.M. Mostersen once recalled going to the district after working hours and sitting next to Wall Street traders in suits, city utility workers in overalls, middle aged married men and street hustlers. 

This film starred George Payne, Lew Seager, David Savage, Michael Gaunt, Mark Hamilton , Kurt Mann, Firth Demule, Ben Dover, and R. Cansino.  

Sunday, August 10, 2014


Cameron was a Texas native and proved that the old saying 'everything is big in Texas' is sometimes true, when he entered the gay porn industry around 1999 at the age of 22. Still boyishly young and hunky like a football player earlier in his career, Cameron only looked better as he aged. Words used to describe his performances on film include 'virile' and 'seductive'. The actor (real name Shane Eugene Davis) left the business in 2006. Sadly, it's reported that he passed away June 12th at the age of 36.

Among his more famous adult roles, Cameron played the younger man in Father Figure 2 and a hunk looking for romance in The Bachelor. He also graced the pages of Men (October 2002), Manshots (March 2001) and Freshman (June 2000) among other magazines. He enjoyed a big fan club of men (a popular fan request was for a molded dildo replica of his cock) and performed in the TV series Wet
Palms between 2005-2006 in which he played the role of Dirk Beckendorf.  We welcome here to VGMH as a part of gay media history.

"Wet Palms" TV series in 2005-06 in which he played the role of Dirk Beckendorf. - See more at:

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Anyone Care to Take a Dip?

What better way to cool off on a hot summer day than to kick back and relax at a penthouse pool with a hot hunky number named Lance?   But hey...wait a minute!  Looking at Lance in those bulging professional swimmer's trunks, with that blonde treasure trail and those strong muscular legs, is actually heating things up by the water instead of cooling them down! 
Please stay tuned for tomorrow's post when things really get HOT with Lance.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

More Summertime Bliss!

VGMH received 7 emails so far about Danny from guys who wanted to know how come they had never seen pics or heard of Danny Bliss on the Internet until our tribute post.  We'll get back to that in a minute, but a couple of the emails also added a comment/request that others have made in the past--make it easier to add comments to posts here.  Comments are wonderful because in the past we've all been able to learn things from the personal histories and thoughts of friends of this blog.  But the problem began when computer-generated "comments" (which were nothing more than links to pay porn sites) started to slam us hard.  I miss the feedback a lot, too!  So for now the only thing requested will be a simple word verification.   Thank you for everyone who supports, reads and reaches out to communicate with VGMH over the years.  To-date, we have over 2 millions visits!  
Now back to more important things, such as Mr. Bliss.  Danny worked for well over ten years, which is a very long career in the adult entertainment industry.  Part of why he's not as recognizable today as some other vintage smut stars probably has to do with when Danny was working, which was in the 1990s.  This was an era when porn boomed but unfortunately a lot of the quality production values of the past were replaced with much more cheaply generate videos.  Danny worked for some notable studios and directors (including Chi Chi LaRue and Garth Evans) in films that are still around, but the majority of the titles (Boot Camp: A Long Way From Home, Spank Me, Paddler Me, Wet Load) sound like pretty generic smut.  And just like mainstream movies, the vast majority of films that don't standout for some reason (which makes them become "classics") tend to become forgotten as time passes. 
In his skinny earlier years, Danny sometimes appeared as being slightly effeminate and not especially discernible from the countless other young bottoms who were cast as much a props as anything else for men to fuck.  But luckily, his fans were able to watch Danny Bliss mature on film into a confident, muscular hunk with five o'clock shadow.  As the jacket cover noted for Danny's Anal Ordeal! "Young Danny gets tossed in jail for jaywalking and is quickly strip-searched by his hunky cell-mates.  Hot anal/oral action follows as he satisfies these hardened men!"  Just because its more interesting to watch action, the top man who is usually doing most of the moving in sex scenes, and thus is typically the center of attention in gay smut films.  Other opinions have pointed to his compact height, average cock size, and occasional difficulties with erections on film.  VGMH is happy to remember and pay tribute to this hunky sex star.

Here's to you, Danny Bliss! 

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Summer Bliss

Danny Bliss was handsome enough to be a fashion model, but he was also normal acting and approachable on film, so that he could easily remind you of that hottie at at the coffee shop or working out at the local gym.  Danny's 6-inch penis was adorned by a nice patch of man fur on top and two golden globes below.  His career took off in gay adult movies sometime around 1989 and he was in hot demand.   He's what many tops would call a 'trophy bottom' in that this is one piece of ass you definitely want to brag about nailing.  Having sex was a skill set that Danny demonstrated his expertise in as he appeared in many films in the 1990s.  This being summer, it's nice to give him credit for appearing in 1992's Beach Blanket Boner.
 Danny was also known as Dan Elliot, Danny Bliss Eliott, Daniel Pryce, and Daniel LeBrun

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Men Men Men

Beefcake, sand and surf just seem to go together.  While seeing these beauties totally nude would be terrific, there's so much more eroticism that happens with the tease of imagining what lies under that thin panel of fabric. 
Proving the point that eventually everything old is new again, below we have a nice 1934 picture of (straight) athlete Fred Perry wearing the fashionable belted swim trunk (left) alongside a modern model in a similar suit (right).  In 1934 Fred Perry took home the first of his three Wimbledon titles playing professional tennis.  
Below, rugged rocks have met their match with this ruggedly handsome gentleman.
Below, any gent with the balls to wear this little number is sure to turn heads as the pouch grows to accomodate his level of arousal.
And finally, white is always in fashion...especially when it's soaking wet and allowing pool patrons to enjoy a dark thick patch of pubes at the end of a long tummy treasure trail.