Saturday, October 25, 2014

1989: 'Halloween' and the horror of AIDS

"Halloween Parade"
A highlight and sad point of Lou Reed’s 1989 album New York, Halloween Paradeis as evocative as it is chilling even to this day. Through a processional cast of characters, the song chronicles the decade’s AIDS epidemic and the friends that Lou Reed lost to it. While most in show biz were running away from gays, Lou didn't forget or pretend to not know those who helped to create his life.  This song refers to the once-popular Halloween parade, which by 1989 was a death march for many who had suffered from AIDS.  It is a commentary on the sad times, between the LPs Romeo Had Juliette” and the Dickensian Dirty Blvd and tries to describe the horror that"everything is alright in my safe heterosexual world" attitudes of many, while the gay rights and victories of the 1970's were washed away by many who just wanted the sick queers to go away.

There's a down town fairy singing out "Proud Mary"
As she cruises Christopher Street
And some Southern Queen is acting loud and mean
Where the docks and the Badlands meet

This Halloween is something to be sure
Especially to be here without you

There's a Greta Garbo and an Alfred Hitchcock
And some black Jamaican stud
There's five Cinderellas and some leather drags
I almost fell into my mug

There's a Crawford, Davis and a tacky Cary Grant
And some Homeboys lookin' for trouble down here from the Bronx

But there ain't no Hairy and no Virgin Mary
You won't hear those voices again
And Johnny Rio and Rotten Rita
You'll never see those faces again

This Halloween is something to be sure
Especially to be here without you

There's the Born Again Losers and the Lavender Boozers
And some crack team from Washington Heights
The boys from Avenue B and the girls from Avenue D
A Tinkerbell in tights

This celebration somehow gets me down
Especially when I see you're not around

There's no Peter Pedantic saying things romantic
In Latin, Greek or Spic
There's no Three bananas or Brandy Alexander
dishing all their tricks

It's a different feeling that I have today
Especially when I know you've gone away

There's a girl from Soho with a teeshirt saying "I Blow"
She's with the "jive five 2 plus 3"
And the girls for pay dates are giving cut rates
Or else doing it for free

The past keeps knock, knock, knocking on my door
And I don't want to hear it anymore

No consolations please for feelin' funky
I got to get my head above my knees
But it makes me mad and mad makes me sad
And then I start to freeze

In the back of my mind I was afraid it might be true
In the back of my mind I was afraid that they meant you

The Halloween Parade
At the Halloween parade
At the Halloween parade
See you next year, at the Halloween parade

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Bo Richards

In 1980 Bo appeared in the Nova Studios short Mr. Fixit.   If you really want to see this performance (he masturbates on a car) it was included in The Cruiser, a collection of five unrelated loops.  In addition to Bo Richards, The Cruiser starred Bud Wilson, Chuck Stears, Clay Cooper, Clay Hughes, Clay Russell, Dale Arnold, Ken Foxx, Mark Kropp, Paul Mackie, Ron Stevens, and Wes Harding.  Interestingly, below are advertisements (for film and video) that reflect the changing world of adult entertainment in the 1980's as videos opened up the market for erotic products compared to films that required a home projector to view.

Monday, October 13, 2014


What better way to spend a crisp sunny autumn afternoon, than enjoying a nice outdoor shower and giving the ol' boner some fresh air with a walk in the freshly-mowed grass?  Parker is certainly a man who looks able to rise to any occasion.  Playgirl online featured this refreshing hunk.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Douglas Malone - Torso Study

Douglas Malone: "Thematically, my work is rooted in the existential unease which arises from the tension between the need to preserve the individual self, and the desire to overcome separateness. My paintings often feature a single figure in a self-consciously isolated environment, or multiple figures who exist in close physical proximity and yet are separated by a vast emotional distance. While often placed in introspective, self-absorbed, or guarded postures, the figures are nonetheless exposed and  vulnerable, laid bare to scrutiny. While addressing the predicament of irreconcilable isolation, the paintings also reflect an acknowledgment of the ultimate primacy of the individual, the inviolate and unique self."

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Scool (part two)

Thanks to the magazine feature which was released at the same time as the movie was, we have this terrific color photo teaching another valuable lesson about playing with naked men: If you play with it, eventually, the male human penis will shoot out this sticky white stuff.  And thanks to their primal urges, men will feel compelled to get this into you or display it on you.  There's a reason it's called 'climax' because soon afterwards, they will get dressed and leave you to clean yourself up. 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Back to School~

It's Fall and the kids are back in school.  Looks like they are ready to show one another (and their male teacher) all the fun things that they learned while away during the long hot summer. The first lesson involves connecting two different objects together, such as a long hard cylinder (cock) and a pliable hole which can adapt, such as an open mouth or anus.  This study can require careful thought and practice to position the hole in just the right place to make the connection possible.  
Kept After School was a1982 Nova production. Jeff Hunter,Mike Barnes,Hans Mueller,Buddy Hill, and Doug Mason.

Thursday, September 25, 2014


According to historic reports, Angela Douglas was a transwoman activist and member of the Los Angeles chapter of the Gay Liberation Front from 1969 to 1970.  This person was also an artist and created this poster advertising a rally/march.  "After participating in various protests and actions with the group – including a march outside Barney’s Beanery when it posted a sign reading Faggots Stay Out” – she left the Gay Liberation Front. She became frustrated with members’ apathetic and sometimes hostile attitudes in regard to transgender rights."

With regards to the beanery, it's Hollywood history and legend that Clark Cable and Errol Flynn got into fights there, a drunk young handsome actor from New York sent for a screen test won a bet by displaying his 11-inch cock on the spot, and Jim Morrison once peed on the bar.  It's reported that the manager placed a sign among the old license plates and other ephemera along the wall behind the bar that read "FAGOTS  – STAY OUT".  Although the owner was known by some locals to be antagonistic towards gays, even going as far as posing (in front of his sign) for a picture in a 1964 Life article on "Homosexuality in America" over a caption where he exclaims "I don't like 'em...", some historians think that the sign was probably placed as a response to pressure from the police who had a tendency towards discriminatory practices against homosexuals and consequently establishments that catered to the group, as in actors and other show biz types.  The misspelled "No Fagots" sign was taken down in 1984. 

In 1970, Douglas started the Transsexual Action Organization, one of only two national organizations devoted to transgender rights.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Artist Felix d'Eon

Felix d'Eon seems to be something of  "a gay Edwardian pornographer mysteriously trapped in the body of a 21st century Mexican artist" and his work, much of which has a strong vintage pornographic quality to it, is beginning to become very popular with the mainstream art crowd. He often captures the playful excitement and friendships between young men as they enjoy all the aspects of life, instead of just having two naked bodies having sex.

Please stay tuned for part two.