Friday, April 14, 2017

Spring Shopping!

1976 was a very patriotic year for America and Sears was definitely showing it's stars and stripes.
Over at the Chicago Playboy Club, gents sported fashionable attire to attract the attention of their sexual desires.
The classic night shirt.  Forget about shorts.  No need to worry about a robe opening up with this gems covering up the family jewels.  Simply lift it up for action, or allow someone special to crawl up inside on their knees, making their own man-tent complete with (your) pole.
And if you're going to create that super-cool pad to get laid in, these exotic swag lights would have created the special lighting ambience by which to pop the virgin behind of that cute guy from the copy printing store.
Old school jock straps anybody?  Hank was a Colt model of the era and certainly wears his gear well.

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