Wednesday, February 22, 2017

1976: Lifeguard

This is a wonderful period movie with plenty of beach locations shot in sunny Southern California.  In this standard-smut-plot, a beefy lifeguard (Gordon Grant) takes a break from his job and kicks back to enjoy a girlie magazine.  Two of his beach buddies barge in to catch him masturbating with one hand and pretty soon his dick is put to better use. The two bro's are played by a man with no last name credited (he's just Jim) and hairy chested Duff Paxton.
What makes this movie especially enjoyable are the adventurous gymnastics that these three studs perform in fucking.  Duff proves his flexibility as he eats the ass and then sucks the cock of one buddy, all the time being suspended completely off the ground as he holds onto his pal's muscular legs.  But wait! This is the 1970's and so that's not enough action!  Suspended off the ground by only the strength of his arms, ass-licking and cock-sucking Duff's also getting his butt fucked by his other bromance pal. Talk about earning your pay!

Duff Paxton was said to have been a favorite of many show business celebrities including Jack Wrangler and more than a few top A-list Hollywood male stars.  Duff performed with Wrangler in 1977's Gemini. 

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