Wednesday, February 22, 2017

1976: Lifeguard

This is a wonderful period movie with plenty of beach locations shot in sunny Southern California.  In this standard-smut-plot, a beefy lifeguard (Gordon Grant) takes a break from his job and kicks back to enjoy a girlie magazine.  Two of his beach buddies barge in to catch him masturbating with one hand and pretty soon his dick is put to better use. The two bro's are played by a man with no last name credited (he's just Jim) and hairy chested Duff Paxton.
What makes this movie especially enjoyable are the adventurous gymnastics that these three studs perform in fucking.  Duff proves his flexibility as he eats the ass and then sucks the cock of one buddy, all the time being suspended completely off the ground as he holds onto his pal's muscular legs.  But wait! This is the 1970's and so that's not enough action!  Suspended off the ground by only the strength of his arms, ass-licking and cock-sucking Duff's also getting his butt fucked by his other bromance pal. Talk about earning your pay!

Duff Paxton was said to have been a favorite of many show business celebrities including Jack Wrangler and more than a few top A-list Hollywood male stars.  Duff performed with Wrangler in 1977's Gemini. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Remembering John Inman

This British sitcom was broadcast between 1972 and 1985. It was set in the men's and women's fashion departments of Grace Brothers, an upscale (fictional) London department store. The idea for the show came from one of the creator's brief stints working at Simpsons of Piccadilly in the early 1950's. Edgy for the early 1970's was that Are you Being Served? featured an obviously gay character.

Played by actor John Inman"Mr. Humphrie" was a regular star of the show.  His catchphrases, very campy mannerisms and sexual double-entendres were a part of every episode. He worked in the men's clothing department and was always ready to measure pants when the male customer was handsome.  It's reported that the BBC, when contemplating making the series, tried at first to insist that Mr Humphries was removed because he was a gay character. Audiences took to him and the rest of the cast, which is why it lasted so long.  However, not all gay men were happy about the role.

Inman once reported that four or five members of the group Campaign for Homosexual Equality picketed one of his shows in protest as they believed his persona did not help their cause. Inman said that "they thought I was over exaggerating the gay character. But I don't think I do."  Others were happy to see a gay man portrayed on national television who was liked by his co-workers, not fired by his employers, and viewed the fact he was on television as a positive statement.

Both Inman and the producers denied that Mr Humphries compounded a stereotype of gay men. In 1976, he was named the BBC TV personality of the year.  In December 2005 Mr. Inman formed a civil partnership with his partner of 33 years, Ron Lynch.  Inman and David Croft (a show creator) stated that the character was "just a mother's boy" and that his sexual orientation was never explicitly stated.

Actress Rula Lenska, who worked with Mr Inman, told the BBC:  "It was suggestive but never in your face or aggressive. It had an innocent quality that you rarely find today." 

Inman continued to play in live shows after his success as Mr. Humphries, and began to incorporate camp mannerisms into those performances too, once saying "Even when I'm not playing Mr Humphries, say at a summer season, I camp it up a bit. If I don't the audience are disappointed.."  Inman went on to star in more than 40 pantomimes, and was often cast as the dame. He used to make his own costumes and write his own jokes. He passed away in 2007.



Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Valentine Just for You!

One of the hottest and most-desirable forms of online erotica these days are oftentimes the private personal web pages of studly gentlemen who know they're sexually attractive and enjoy sharing (some might say showing off) their goods.  It's easy to understand why this would be appealing to straight and gay men alike--especially those alpha-male-types--and anyway, who wouldn't want to receive adoration from people around the world wanting to suck your dick?  Unfortunately, some of these guys restrict viewing access of their web pages to only those who they invite beforehand.  For example, a handsome, married 38 year-old Florida man boasts to have over 1,200 followers (almost all of them women, although sometimes a guy works his way in by pretending to be a female) who he's granted access to view his restricted web pages.  A pic temporarily makes it way onto gay photo sharing sites until it gets demanded to be removed.  In addition to displaying his masturbatory skills in his car and bathroom in his photos and videos, this sexy daddy of three is said to have been offered big-money deals with mainstream porn producers which he's turned down, reportedly because his family comes first in his life.  Luckily, there are other online studs who do  not restrict viewership and  allow anyone who discovers their web pages access to adore their masculine beauty.  

This sexy straight Italian stud allows fans to enjoy!

For Valentine's Day, VGMH is happy to send this link to a sexy and straight 34 year old nudist Italian stud who shares lots of pics of himself for his fans (men and women) to enjoy.  There's so many great things about this man, it's hard to know where to begin.  He's handsome and has a great natural body.  And those sexy balls on him seem to be not just for playing with by his girlfriends, but also appear to be uber-masculine industrial-strength sperm factories, as his web page boasts '700 milions of sperms a day' and 'I've knocked up six girls ( i'm an inseminator)'.  His photos are high quality and provide great viewing.   This magnificent cocksman has a section on his web pages to ask him questions and leave appreciative notes, and it's recommended that we call encourage him to continue.  If we could ask him one request it would be for some erection photos.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Fall ad Winter: The weather gets crisper, the days get shorter, and leaves turn colors. Winter is coming!  There's a lot of talk about climate change these days, and we rely on the old methodology...if it's cold outside, a man's natural bodily instincts will kick-in and protect the family jewels from the harsh elements and offer nonstop desires to stick his "stick" into a warm and welcome opening.

But wait! There's yet one more observation.  For survival, this is the time of year when some wild male animals are busy growing new, thicker body fur to keep warm during the upcoming winter months. Nature knows what's ahead and protects these playful mammals...just consider the Brown Bear, Siberian Tiger, and of course the American Wolf.  Instincts for survival no doubt made men with thick beards and very hairy chests (growing up their necks for visual confirmation) top potential breeders.  These dudes had the sperm to not only fertilize chicks to guarantee their DNA survival, but the bodily protection to survive the harsh weather elements, and the machismo to enjoy some male bonding time.

VGMH sees many hairy wolves living in their daily urban habitat ...walking around (upright) in heavy work boots, driving Jeeps Cherokees, drinking coffee, and drooling at the Best Buy electronics counters. A thick bush of  hair helps to hold on to heat...important in prehistoric times when men wore minimal clothing. Okay, so this is really just a cheesy excuse to show some hairy men...let's have some fun with the season! Judging by the thick fur these men are sprouting, it's going to be a c-c-cc-cold season.

According to the Farmers’ Almanac, this winter will see more days of shivery conditions: a winter during which temperatures will average below normal for about three-quarters of the United States.