Monday, January 2, 2017

Dick Dene

I really like looking at Dick.  In fact, I can look at Dick all day and never get bored.  Today's muscular (and sometimes hairy) Dick comes to us courtesy of the end of the classic "posing strap" era in male smut. 

His full name is Dick Dene, and in the above image from the Male Figure magazine, he's a cowboy looking for something to rope.  I'm not sure those shorts he's wearing would make it as real cowboy work clothes, but I'm not going to tell him that!  Dick's one buff and tough buck-a-roo, and I'm in no mood for getting hog-tied for making fun of his short-shorts.  But wait! As a special treat, the video below is from this same photo shoot, and it shows Dick in his finest tease (the best estimated date I have for this release is 1962).  "Cowboy Wash-Up" was filmed by Bruce of Los Angeles.  Showing total male nudity was illegal  before 1962, so models usually wore the pouches to stay out of jail.
Mr. Dene was an actor and sportsman as well as a model, and with those classic good looks he remains a favorite of VGMH.  I haven't seen the movie myself so I can't confirm it, but he may be a visible extra in the big-budget (1961) western The Comancheros. 
What's especially vintage about the photo below is the narrative...It tells us that Dick grew up in Lebanon, in "the romantic city of Beirut."   I've never heard modern news casts call that violent city "romantic."

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