Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Brandon Iron

Brandon Iron is a Canadian actor and director of straight adult erotica. It's reported that he was born in 1968 and stands a firm 5'6" tall. According to his web site, "He completed a degree in English, but quickly learned he preferred adult magazines over literature. After squandering several years in unfulfilling jobs, he pursued his pornographic passion and has no regrets.  His first movie was in 1991, but he did not perform on a full-time basis until 1997. He has worked for dozens of companies, fucked hundreds of girls and has millions of reasons to be thankful for having the best job in the world".  He also developed a loyal gay fan base over the years of guys who enjoy watching him in action with women.  
Brandon's crossover appeal to gay men is easy to understand.  Dressed, Brandon's cute smile and playful eyes are attractive and he exudes his masculinity without effort.  His body type might be described as that of a stocky wrestler.  When naked with a boner, this man is on the raunchy side of vocabulary and isn't at all shy about telling the lady in front of his cock how she's going to get take every inch in every way he commands.

His cock size is not something reported as Brandon's previously described his manhood as rather average, with the fact that it's shaved making it look larger in videos.

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