Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Man Mate

Regency Square was a company located in North Hollywood that offered nifty novelty undies such as #105 Scuttles, and for MEN OF ACTION there was model #207 the Brief Zip.  These ads were sure to get attention in magazines of the late 1960s. 

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Grooooovy Spring Penis Poppin' Up All Over The Place!

In the 1960s and carrying over into the early 1970s, one of the more popular ways to enjoy looking at photographs of naked men was via 'nudist' or 'natural' magazines.  There had been some publications prior to this time period, but by the mid-1960's nudist magazines were able to display male and female nudity without fear of strict government reprisal, thanks to court decisions.   Among the decisions, courts had reasoned that individuals could not be convicted of obscenity charges unless the materials depicted “patently offensive hard core sexual conduct.” This meant that many materials dealing with nudity, including magazines, did not qualify as legally obscene.
Health, vitality, fitness, and relative innocence (the models were typically posed in situations that were non-sexual in nature where the only thing missing was clothing) were the hallmarks of most nudity magazines during this period.  And while the vast majority of the publications that flourished in this window (between 1950s censorship and explicit hardcore pornography later in the 1970s) was of nude frolicking females, there were also plenty of images including handsome naked men showing their junk. Take for example the cover image for the naturist magazine HUMANA (issue 15, 1967).  The models may have been straight, but it's safe to assume that more than a few of the orders that flowed in for these types of publications were from gay men who ignored the ladies and concentrated on the gents.  The images in many instances certainly seemed to focus as much on the man as the lady, which makes VGMH aficionados very happy indeed.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Vintage guys in heat

Golly... Gee Whiz!  It can get sort of confusing for a fella when he's naked with a good buddy and all of a sudden these feelings start to happen.  What is that look all about that he's giving me, and what does he want me to do back?  I know what I'd sure like to do with my dick that is getting excited, but what if I'm reading this all wrong, just because I haven't jerked off in a whole week? 
If your buddy has his mouth open and no words are coming out, maybe he's trying to tell you something.  Forget about his Peanuts wall pennant in the background, there's just one thing demanding attention and it's throbbing to go down his tight throat!

Saturday, May 7, 2016

May 1981

Joseph Spondike had that ruggedly handsome look of a real outdoors man.  According to the magazine, he was a 21 year-old native of Florida who loved both the sun and sea.  His sun-kissed hair, thick moustache, and that dark forest of curly blonde cock pubic  hair probably contributed in making Joseph a Playgirl's "Man of the 80's" star model.  Joseph was chosen by readers of Playgirl for the honor by a seven-to-one margin.