Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Poolside Pup

Artist Ian Hanks was born in 1974 and grew up in a rural area of the Netherlands.   "I think growing up in a small village during the 80´s had its share in my illustrating career. No internet back then. Best a shy gay boy could get were some sunmilk ads and comic books with semi-nude men. What did gay men do? What did it look like? As there was no visual material available, certainly not as easily and in abundance as after the worldwide web clicked in I had to create what I wanted to look at. I was pretty young when I realized naked men fascinated me. Didn´t take long to get out the pencils and draw more, more and even more!"

His art is appreciated around the globe these days.  Among his most-popular fantasies are series involving horny twenty-somethings pairing up with even hornier fifty-somethings.  His legal twinks are smart enough to know a good thing when it comes along, and refreshingly these silver haired foxes are full of self-confidence and pick up lines that work to nail them.  Ask any poolside drink server in Vegas or LA and they will tell you that this sort of 'male bonding' between age groups happens all the time, with confident grey haired gents usually calling all the shotsIn this great vintage Poolside Pup fantasy, a blonde twink asks for a cigarette and well...

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