Thursday, April 21, 2016

April 1974

Darris McCord is one of those legendary early models of the magazine who seems to have had a limited photo shooting, yet quickly developed a fan base that continues today.   The beefy muscle man first appeared in the April 1974 issue in a very limited set photographs, which was actually very typical for a "Discovery" model who was not a feature.  These were supposed to be regular men that the magazine's staff happened to, well, 'discover' and then talked them into dropping their clothes for a few quick pics.  Darris was also featured in the "best of" 1974 issue of the magazine, but unfortunately without additional new material to enjoy.  An (unconfirmed) story around for a long time has been that this was simply a stage name which (learned after publishing) was perhaps too-similar to that of a famous athlete. In any case, this model's physique continues to be appreciated. 

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