Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Ivan Prescott

Sandy blond hair and a thick bush between his legs.  Mr. Prescott was a model that photographer J Brian immortalized for a generation of young gay men. Part of his appeal is that the blue eyed guy (fresh out of a stint in the U.S. Navy) has remained a mystery without a lot known about his personal life.  Ivan dropped his pants for the photographer, displayed his physique with that thick manhood and dangling ball sack, and then appears to have moved on with his life.  J Brian certainly knew how to capture the natural beauty of a naked man.  In 1964, Brian began to publish some of the first fully-nude male pictures sold in porn shops.  His mail order catalog of male nudes became an object of lustful desire in and of itself, tantalizing potential customers with images (typically black and white) of men such as Ivan Prescott..  According to the J Brian catalog, Ivan was a Navy serviceman and gymnast who became an art model.  
Please stay tuned for more photos of Ivan

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