Saturday, February 13, 2016

Athletes as Sex Symbols

Soccer player Oakes showing off his nuts
There's still talk about virtual reality porn being the next huge technological advancement.  But it seems that there's a lot of obstacles still to figure out before that happens, and it's likely that the first VR porn will feature computer generated sex partners rather than filmed real-life men.  With that in mind, the top gay smut trends for 2016 continue to include do-it-yourself "dick pick" selfies posted pretty much everywhere, amateur men posing solo for studio web sites, and amateur athletes posing in sporting themes (wearing sporting equipment of their particular sport, being filmed in locations such as locker rooms).  There's no doubt that jocks are sexy.
The ancient Greeks and Romans had it correct with their nude statues of hot male athletes.  The lucrative endorsement business for attractive professional sportsmen has been going on for decades without openly acknowledging the sexual appeal of the player, which of course is at least one of several factors in making the deals so valuable, even if it remains unspoken.  VGMH predicts that the day will come when our society's MVP football player or baseball hunk takes a look at the gold mine to be made by simply dropping that white terry towel and letting (those who care to have a good look) enjoy the view for a price.  Consider Welsh rugby player Tim Oakes who is perhaps an example of the self-confident sportsman of the future. 

It seems that the rugger soccer captain posed for If you are resourceful with search engines and lucky, there still might be some copies of his video escapades out there to be viewed.  Oakes certainly can have multiple careers--one on the sporting field and the other as a male model.
And then there's Sacha Harding, a rugby player who posed somewhat nude for a gay-oriented publication. 

Sacha Harding
One can only guess how much a handsome star athlete such as Roger Federer might command if he were to ever pose nude.
German tennis star Roger Federer

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