Saturday, November 28, 2015

Cyber Sexting Saturday and Sunday!

While piracy of copyrighted porn content continues to be the biggest problem that most smut producers consider within their $97 billion industry, there's another potential threat to their profits that is making some in the businesses very nervous as well--competition from their very own sexting customers!
Especially for professional sites that specialize in amateur good looking men posing solo, the growing social acceptance of young guys from around the world to get naked in front of a mirror and proudly show their schlongs (which eventually often get viewed for free on the Internet by the millions) is real business competition.
These sexy dudes are displaying their wieners not for a paycheck but because they want to show themselves off.  Often the backgrounds where the photos were taken are bathrooms with thrown towels, toiletries, and toothpaste (or something else!) on stained mirrors above wash basins.  It's real life horn dogs seeing who wants to enjoy them!

As with all porn, technology constantly creates new opportunities that were not available before the technology became invented.  This is certainly true of smart phones and "Sexting" which the dictionary defines as "the sending of sexually explicit photos, images, text messages, or e-mails by using a cell phone or other mobile device" but millions know it simply as 'sexting'.

For some gay men, regular everyday guys combine their smart phones and social media friend groups to snap pics of their morning wood and/or six-pack abs and then send the images out to their media pals to enjoy.  In return, these friends return equally intimate photos of themselves.  Masturbation and electronic devices go, well...hand in hand like never before.  Some men may also be looking for an actual hookup with their admirers on sites like Grindr.  Here, the selfie pic becomes a preview of what to expect.  Just a few minutes and quick photo snaps on their smart phones offer unlimited local opportunities for the 'cock-ee' and the 'suck-ee' to have sex together in real time.

Warnings about sexting do not seem to work very effectively with younger generations who are very comfortable seeing sexual images of naked people on their computers, tablets and phones.  As an analyst in the porn business noted "Many of these [guys sexting nude selfies of themselves] are as physically attractive as the paid male models we have working in the industry.  They're proud of their bodies and have no real issues, even when they [the photos] go viral. Real names and locations are not usually connected to the photos so there's actually a lot of anonymity in their personal life."
Indeed, swapping sexting pics among straight male buddies is a favorite new pass time while knocking back beers at the local bar. Girls are rated for looks, bodies and how explicit the photos are.  Male bro's win stud points for the total number of hot gals that they persuaded to such share pictures with, and also for how many open pussy shots (with faces) they have in their collections.  Sex psychologists are suggesting that there's a 'bromance bonding experience' which now happens among straight men that is totally unlike watching conventional porn videos together.  This occurs because, usually stored along with the sexting pics received from their female conquests, are the explicit sexual selfies of the man who owns the phone, flexing and sporting his erections that he had originally sent to the females.  It's become common for men to openly comment about their buddie's physique and cock pictures (sent to women) in a way that previously would have been considered homoerotic.
One expert regarding this trending phenomena noted that "In gym showers there's a homophobic code. You NEVER look down.  But with sexted selfies it's the complete opposite.  There's tremendous bravado.  They view themselves like [straight] porn studs and high-five about their sexual prowess with women." Views about homosexuality and men as sex objects have also changed dramatically in just the past ten years, especially among young adults. "That many times their photos wind up on gay Internet sites doesn't seem to be an issue with many in this generation." 

Sexting is growing in all aspects of everyday life for many people with smart phones, and in some instances it is not remaining anonymous and causing problems in other areas of their lives.  Just this week, it was reported that The Boeing Co. had fired and disciplined several workers for “inappropriate personal behavior.”  It seems that the Everett plane workers had been using company-issued phones for sexting.  And of course, there was the infamous Anthony Weiner scandal (pics below).  The Democratic U.S. representative for New York had served the state of New York's 9th congressional district. Mr. Weiner was well-liked and seemed poised for a promising career in politics until his proclivity toward sexting pics of his weenie was publicly revealed.  Nice body, Anthony!
 One thing is for certain: Sexting is not going away anytime soon.