Friday, January 30, 2015

Jerry Smith

Gerald "Jerry" Sanford Smith (July 19, 1943 – October 15, 1986) was a professional football tight end for the National Football League's Washington Redskins from 1965–1977. By all accounts, the 6' 3"  blonde Smith had a stellar career. 

Kids collected Jerry's cards.  He played in the 1973 Super Bowl VII.   During his football celebrity, Mr. Smith caught 421 passes, including 60 touchdowns, a record at the time. He was named All-Pro twice and held NFL records that stood for years.  Jerry was so popular that he even had his very own toy action figure, and sports magazines glorified him.   It seemed obvious that the game loved Jerry and Jerry loved the game. Smith was lauded by Sports Illustrated as a top pass catching tight end during his era.

But all that fame, all that praise was professional and not about his personal life.  There was something about Jerry that many who knew him suspected: Smith was gay.  Many modern sports historians suggest that Jerry was probably considered too-talented to force out of the game based simply on the gay rumors, and indeed there was no need, since masculine Jerry remained in the closet.  Many fans believe Smith, based on his sports record, belongs today in the NFL Hall of Fame, and can't understand why he hasn't been recognized when others who achieved much less, have. Many question if the NFL is prepared to recognize a gay player who died of AIDS. 

After retiring from football, Jerry co-owned The Boathouse, a gay bar in Austin, Texas.  Perhaps, if he had lived in another era,  things would have been different and Jerry might have been allowed to quietly remain in the media closet, forever immortalizing his straight professional sports image. But like so many others that were caught in the social fishnet of the AIDS nightmare, that was not to be the case.

Pro football player David Kopay (who was profiled here at VGMH this week) finally "outed" Jerry when Dave came out himself (after Smith had died of AIDS ..becoming the first former professional athlete to die of the disease).  In his book, David told the story of their sexual relationship.  Although Jerry acknowledged that he had AIDS, Mr. Smith never publicly acknowledged himself as being a gay man.  Given that in 2015, the sport culture of pro  football continues to showcase itself as being behind the times (domestic violence, drug abuse, cheating) in terms of reality-vs.-mythology of masculinity, we understand, Jerry.

Monday, January 26, 2015

David Kopay: America's First Out Pro Football Player

Coming Out in the 1970's

Professional running back Dave Kopay was the first "professional team" sport athlete to declare to the world that he was gay.  At one time married to a flight attendant, Dave was a NFL running back from 1964-72. Since that moment when he came out in 1975 (three years after his retirement), very few others have followed him. despite his suggestion that there were (back then) a good number of other gay players in professional football.

David was born in 1942 in Chicago. As early as when he went to college at the University of Washington, David could remember being secretly attracted to men. Yet the thought of being a "homosexual" both frightened and repulsed him. Not understanding the attraction he felt, he didn't know how to act on his desires, except in straight-male-approved ways, like brawling/rough play with the other guys. He joined the Theta Chi fraternity, and it was at the fraternity that he met the man he calls the greatest love of his life. David would later describe how he and his fraternity brother slept together on the porch, with risky encounters often taking place after both of the young men had dropped off their dates. It was a time when being gay was still thought of as a mental disorder. He was big and tough and talented and his football skills were noticed...Kopay played for five teams during his career -- San Francisco, Detroit, Washington, New Orleans and Green Bay. Towards the end of his career, David has said that he felt like many of his team members were probably aware of his sexual orientation.

His best-selling 1977 autobiography, The Dave Kopay Story told of his journey and the book has as much to do with finding oneself as it does with the game of football. After the book was published, he found it difficult to find any type of work coaching in the NFL. He also told the story of his sexual relations with another pro footballer, Redskins tight end Jerry Smith. In fact, Dave describes Jerry Smith as a turning point in his personal life: "That was like my first real coming-out experience. Jerry was much more worldly than I was. He had been to a number of countries, had a number of different lovers." Dave packed a lot of emotions into what they did together, while he said the relationship meant little to Jerry. (Smith did not acknowledge being gay and died of AIDS in 1986).

The reaction from the world of professional football was as expected.  This was an all-american guy who they couldn't destroy or shame with instead Mr. Kopay's sexuality simply would be mentioned as little as possible with regards to his sports record, hopefully fading away, as if it never existed in the sport (because after all, everyone knows that there are no gay pro football players).  But by the age of personal computers and the internet, stories such as David's became easier for people to share, and combined with the media attention from being a gay activist, the David Kopay story lives on. 

Mr. Kopay remains a gay-rights activist. To help today's gay University of Washington students, David set-up an endowment of $1 million to the University's Q Center (a resource and support center for gay, lesbian, and bisexual students and faculty). Kopay has since been recognized as a UW Husky Legend.

As Mr. Kopay has said: "There was really a long time where I was repulsed with who I was. It took me a long time, too long, to accept myself as I really was...I'm hoping I can at least make a difference in that others in my position will have the freedom to be who they are, and to live the lives they want."

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Classic Mike Gregory

A versatile performer with thick dirty blonde hair and cold ace ice green eyes, Mike was a very familiar performer in gay smut between 1987-1990.  Mike and his 9" penis appeared in INCHES magazine in both 1998 and 1989, in addition to other men's publications during the same era.  But unfortunately for Mike, it seems that he wasn't offered enough parts where he really could differentiate himself from the dozens of other performers in the business who looked similar, who also had smooth swimmer builds and accommodating asses. He performed for Falcon Studios, Catalina, Rascal, and others.

One of his most famous performances was in Behind Closed Doors where he services Tom Steele.  Hunky football stud Tom gets his cock slathered and sucked (all while wearing a jockstrap and football gear) by Mike Gregory.  Tom plays with Mike's ass, spanks his cheeks a few times, and then decides to screw Gregory (this is pre-condom action).  Just in time, Mike Ramsey shows up wearing a black leather jacket and pulls out his own cock to get in on the fun.  Gregory loves dick and gets two big ones. Everyone leaves getting what they wanted.

The movie featured:  Jim Bentley, Joe Cade, Kevin Wiles, Mike Gregory, Mike Ramsey, Paul Coder, and Tom Steele.
Below: Steve Hammond and Mike Gregory perform together in The Pledge Masters.  A pre-condom film with a good dash of discipline thrown into the butt fucking and cock sucking, Mike is caught impersonating an upperclassman, and he nervously awaits his punishment in President Steve Hammond quarters. When Mike arrives, Steve begins by ordering Mike to worship every inch of this jock's athletic form…starting at the feet and sucking his way up…
 In addition, Mike performed in The Big One, Powerline, and Top Man.

Friday, January 23, 2015


All this talk and fuss about squeezing footballs is getting VGMH more interested in the pigskin-sportsmen than ever before.  And this homo eroticism has not been lost on the cutting-edges of mainstream media, either, which is a much-needed dose or reality, in a world where the connection between male-dominated sports and male sexuality is typically buried.  Talk about "balls" and how they feel has made national news and late night talk shows giggle like a naughty youth.  We will go the extra yard or two and suggest that TOM BRADY gets away with a lot just because he is so damn good looking, in a model sort of way.  Of course, it seems that nobody in the (wink wink) totally straight world of male sports journalism has ever noticed that this guy is a dreamboat, judging by how they pretend not to notice so often.  Opps! Here at VGMH we would of course love to see some nudies of Tom soaping up his beautiful mansack, but in our opinion (VGMH is from the Seattle area of Washington) the balls that have already won the game, in terms of self-confidence and sportsman-integrity through years of hard work and skill, belong to hunky Russell Wilson who knows he owns what he has and doesn't have to hold press conferences to explain-away how his balls "feel". Now, both Tom and Russell, turn your heads and cough!  We have two hands after all...

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sexy Men Playgirl: 1979

Looking at this 1979 issue of Playgirl (with what we know now here in 2014) there are so many surprises with their picks as sexiest men.   Some of their selections were no doubt debatable even back then.  This was a time when men like Christopher Reeves (Superman), Neil Diamond and Warren Beatty were big-ticket hot draws in the sex appeal arena, but didn't make Playgirl's list. 
Playgirl did select some guys who would go on to dominate modern culture in many ways.  Sportsman  Ted Turner would revolutionize media and journalism.   Calvin Klein changed the American marketing of men's underwear in the 1980s and in the process helped make men sex objects in ads.  Legendary TV talk show host Johnny Carson remains the gold standard of late night shows.  Respected liberal U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy would have decades of work in support of the poor (and was one of the fourteen senators to vote against the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996).   Amazingly still going strong today in popularity are Bruce Springsteen and Jerry Brown.   Woody Allen would make many more hit movies (including this year) and would also make scandalous headlines about his personal life. 
Calvin model

O.J. Simpson made the list as they proclaimed that he had "all the right moves" in football which unfortunately would not be what he would ultimately be most-famous for.  It's reported that the jailed former football star is serving out a kidnapping, assault and robbery sentence in a Nevada prison.  Out of all of the men on Playgirl's list, it's sad that Alan Bates is not recognized today as much as he deserves to be.
Alan Bates was a famous actor of the era.   He was knighted in January 2003 for his work.  Bates was married and fathered two sons but there were also those rumors concerning male lovers.  Bates has been reported to have had many gay relationships throughout his life, including with Nickolas Grace, Peter Wyngarde, and Olympic skater John Curry.  He passed away in 2003. Stay tuned for more about this man.

Which brings us to last but certainly never least on anybody's sexiest-men-list, Burt.  1970s sex symbol deluxe Burt Reynolds remains in a class of his own. Shown above in 1972, Burt looks like he could have easily been inspiration for many a sexual fantasy in a Tom of Finland story.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

January 1979

20 QUIZ: HOW KINKY ARE YOU? by Susanella Rogers
Are you boring or bizarre?
A now-svelte editor tells you how.
"Tied" and true information on an age-old art.
54 HOW TO GET FAMOUS by Richard J. Pietschmann
If you want to play the fame game, here are the ground rules.
66 MEN WHO FOOL AROUND by Colman Andrews
Telltale signs of infidelity ain't necessarily so. . . .
Do you go with your head, your heart, or neither?
105 GREAT GETAWAYS by Sue Fleishman & Jean Kornbluth
42 CHRISTOPHER REEVE by Fred Robbins
It's not easy being faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

January 1984

His name was Glenn Morrissey and with him posing in their January 1984 issue, Playgirl magazine was doing one of the things that it always did very well, which was to promote the careers of handsome male celebrities and sports stars who were willing to share their physiques.  6' and hairy, Glenn was on the television series Emerald Point N.A.S. playing Lt. Don Griffin on CBS.  According to the story, Glenn was 26 back then.  No doubt that Playgirl readers took notice.  It's reported that Glenn would go on to appear in Thursday's Child (1983), Convicted (1986) and Force: Five (1981) among other projects.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Lucky Leo

We just paid homage to veteran muscleman Zeb Atlas, so now let's take a look at another one of the hottest iron-pumping beauties ever to show it all, Leo Giamani.  It's reported that Leo had been working as a fireman for six months prior to being discovered for his obvious attributes, which included not only that 200-pound ripped hard body and those massive arms, but also a handsome rough face and a large thick penis of Italian-heritage.  He started in the adult industry back in 2008 at the age of 29, so this was no twink--he was a full grown man.   Leo Giamani was born on June 19, 1978 in the USA as Robert Foresta.  His talents in adult entertainment were quickly acknowledged as he was awarded QueerClick man of the year 2008; one of Cybersocket's top 50 porn stars in 2009, and GayVN Awards best web performer 2009. Was he straight, bisexual or gay?  His fans probably didn't care much as long as they were treated to Leo's muscular treats. 
Then it was announced that he had retired from porn.  Leo's many (and there were MANY) fans were sad but grateful for the work that he did as a stud (top, bottom and solo).
But wait! In February 2014 it was announced that he was making something of a comeback.   Opinions were somewhat mixed on his comeback promotional photos, which included wishes that Leo might have aged a bit along with his adoring fans.  Who wouldn't want to see that chin stubble hair salt and peppered?   But for the most part, his adoring public was no doubt just happy to just have Leo back.

One of his most famous roles was in the 2009 spoof That 70's Porn Movie (above and below) complete with fake handlebar moustache on Leo.

Leo Giamani fans helped make the movie a hit just to watch their favorite sex star appear as a mustachioed professor who takes ass-revenge on a frat pledge (Mike West) complete with dildo play. If you recognize these photos of him in that powder blue leisure suit it's not by accident--new fans arrive daily thanks to the Internet, wondering who this handsome hunk is.

Above: Grab his cock and the man comes with it.  Leo (second, left) remains an eyeful, even in a shower of hot naked men.
Above: An excellent example of how a very talented photographer and his special model can create a timeless beautiful work of art that is also erotic in capturing the essence of manhood.