Monday, December 21, 2015

That darn Mailman!

It looks like VGMH's sexy Mr. Mailman has been enjoying our holiday cards before delivering them to us once again this year!  We don't mind the ripped envelopes or even the sticky white stains that he leaves on them.  We just wish that he would knock on the door and make a special delivery all his own!  So let's enjoy these holiday greetings from the past courtesy of artist Etienne.
 The holiday card above is so darn festive!  We're in luck to find yet another wonderful winter wonderland card.  This trio of yuletide carolers are as buff as Santa's muscular reindeer team and are as 'in the mood' to spread good cheer as any three gents could possibly get!
Let's see, I don't remember a whole lot about my shore leave.  Where the heck did this leather jock strap come from?  One of the most pleasing things about all of Etienne's work his that his sense of humor shines through.

We have two Adonis gents (nude of course) decorating their tree with what else...balls!  And strategically, the dark haired gent's face is conveniently situated right in front of his love's crotch, which is pressing against the backside of his head, while a branch of the tree with a hanging ball ornament covers his own set of balls.  Our blonde muscle man couldn't be more 1950's physique-perfect!   If one takes the time to really admire his skills, the attention to detail (even the ball ornament's glitter is illustrated nicely) of the large tree and garland and wooden step ladder are all picture perfect.

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