Friday, December 4, 2015

Rhett Routley (Jeff Quinn)

Rhett was Playgirl's centerfold holiday present to its readers back in December 1985.  The blond honey with a golden tan was certainly easy on the eyes.  He was also known as porn star Jeff Quinn to those who might have already seen him in the gay smut video Inch by Inch during that same year, which is when his gay porn career really took off.  He is however credited with appearing in a 1983 straight smut film called Triple Play.   Considering the typical career of a male porn performer, Jeff worked about the average amount of time in gay porn (for about two years or less), where he was often cast as a hot piece of ass that other horny boys just couldn't get enough of enjoying.   But Jeff had quickly became something much more than an 'average' stud in gay porn.  Jeff's fan base was very large considering that he covered: 1) Tasteful male nudity for straight women and gay men via Playgirl magazine; 2) Gay men via hardcore porn and gay smut magazines; and 3) The bisexual market via bisexual videos.  His early-to-mid eighties career was during the end of the pre-condom era so many of his scenes were performed bareback.  His decision to retire continues to puzzle many of his fans.  
Jeff appeared in several very successful bi movies, including the hugely popular Innocence Lost which became a neighborhood video store favorite with the 'bi-curious' renters (aka guys who did not want to take an all-male gay video up to the counter to rent from the neighbor's son or daughter and be outed).   His role in 1985's Switch is On included heavy hitters Jon Vincent, Kevin Williams,and Steve Ross, and last but not least Jeff Stryker.

And as a VGMH gift just for you to enjoy, we're including the full-page printed layouts from the magazine spread in addition to just the photos.  Please enjoy!

One of Jeff's most memorable gay films was Splash Shots II.  In one scene, Lance and Jeff Quinn are two buddies out for a run. They jocks decide that they need a salty protein fix, so they make a stop over at Chad Douglas’ place and begin to worship his cock while floating in the pool.  The photography is top-notch and the action believably hot.  Chad winds up fucking Jeff again with some excellent camera work as we see Lance masturbating while watching the mating.

In another scene, Jim Bentley, Jamie Landon, Jeff Quinn and Eric Manchester engage in some sexual gymnastics together once more by the classic Cali pool scene.  Sparking cool water, a beautiful Spanish tiled pool, palm trees, and four sexy young naked men.  Bentley calls his friend Jeff over to meet the new hot gardener Eric Manchester.  One of the reasons this movie remains so darn popular is that the men were clearly in their youthful primes and having a good time.

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