Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Old Father Time!

Hey now, what seems to be going on here?  Earlier this week we saw Mikula showing off his bike (and showing off his sexy nude body, too!), so what gives with his privates getting manhandled in these photos?  Could it be that 2015s Old Father Time isn't exactly happy about his year being over, and so he's taking it out on the pop-n-fresh Baby New Year's peach-fuzzy tushy?  With his adorably handsome face and easy going attitude, Mikula Vaclav certainly looked good in this vintage spanking photo spread from a few years back.  Mikula seems like he's a good enough sport about it all, even though he doesn't exactly look all that interested in the theme of this smut.  And as for 2015 Old Father Time...spank away but please be very careful around those balls!

Hey many guys is Old Father Time going to spank?  Seems like this guy in the robe has a thing for buns, and we're not talking about the Pillsbury dough kind!

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