Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Nebojsa Zdravkovic: Capturing the Masculinity of Men

There's been more times in world history where the beauty, power and raw sexual attractiveness of the male physique has been favored than not.  The ancient cultures certainly understood and celebrated men in paintings and sculptures, especially their warriors.  The male nude body in Greek sculpture was used both for portrayals of ideal heroes (gods) and real-life heroes (the champions at the Olympic games).  Fortunately, the unplaced fears of homophobia in art that were so prevalent in much of the last century are slowly being replaced with common sense once again, and nude men as subject matter in fine art is returning in acceptance around the world.    In contemporary art, male sexuality is accepted as a part of capturing life.  Depictions of male nudity seem more and more often to be deliberately obscuring the fine line between art and with what was considered pornography in the last century.
It's reported that Nebojsa Zdravkovic was born in Belgrade in 1959.   A member of the Association of Serbian Fine Artists, was granted a scholarship by the Spanish government for post-graduate studies in Madrid.  His paintings are strikingly original and often captures the masculinity of younger men, with a play of lighting and shadows on his subjects and their settings.  His work has been exhibited in many group shows around the globe along with solo exhibitions in London, Paris, Belgrade, Athens and Cyprus. 

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