Friday, December 18, 2015

December 1973

Already a popular 1960s singer, Jean-Paul Vignon went on to host a Canadian-made (Dick Clark produced) series called The Sensuous Man which led him to posing as one of the first nude male centerfolds for Playgirl's December 1973 issue as their Man of the Month But Jean-Paul Vignon is probably best known today for having portrayed Edouard the French waiter in the Star Trek: The Next Generation first season episode "We'll Always Have Paris".
Born in Ethiopia to a French father and an Italian mother, Vignon made many singing records in France and recorded on Columbia Records in the U.S. where "Don't Cry Little Girl" went to #32 on the the top 40s chart in 1964. He appeared on the Ed Sullivan, Merv Griffin, and The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.  If you look closely between his legs in the photo below you will see Jean-Paul's dangling cock.

As an actor, he starred with William Holden and Cliff Robertson in the US film The Devil's Brigade (1968). He appeared in several television shows such as The Rockford Files, L.A. Law, Murder She Wrote, Columbo, and The Gilmore Girls.  He also played a part in the first Shrek film as one of the merry men.   Handsome Jean-Paul is now 90 years old.  We thank him for sharing with us in that 1973 December Playgirl issue and wish him a happy holiday.

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