Saturday, December 19, 2015

December 1970

The Pennys Wish Book catalog.  Notice that name was Pennys back then and not JC Penny.  The cover is absent of a whole lot of cheer with a mostly black background and a little adorable girl with a Santa in the shadows.   In terms of men's fashions, the models were handsome for any era and the clothing was stylish.  The polyester pants were tailored to showcase any slack snakes that might be bulging.
Perfect for any 'man cave' would have been these fine gift ideas.  I wish I could get some of these (at those prices) now!

And then there were these great decorations.
VGMH knows that some friends of this blog will smile when they see some of these toys which they will no doubt recall from seasons past in their lives.  Of course, those GI Joe's and robots (in mint condition with packaging) are valuable today to not only those who grew up with these items but also to many younger generations who just find them amazingly desirable!

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