Sunday, December 27, 2015

A New Bike for Christmas!

Boys (of all ages) and anything with wheels...they just seem to go together.  That's Vaclav Mikula in the photo above posing on a bike.  Mr. Mikula made quite a sensation in the adult entertainment world about a decade ago.  One critic called his modeling "easy going, relaxed and natural" and many agreed.   It's reported that Vaclav comes from Jenec in the Czech Republic.  The story goes that he was a forklift operator when he was discovered and offered to model.  The camera certainly graces this guy who enjoys cycling, fishing and being with his friends.

There was a real boom in Eastern European gay porn a few years back.  Fresh looking models were oftentimes real-life dock and construction workers, laid-off local police officers, firemen, nurses, and students.  It's been reported many times that the vast majority of them were straight.  Audiences the world over couldn't get enough of these amateur masculine hunks, compared to the factory-jaded professional sex models and poor-quality cheap videos coming out of Southern California at the time. In fact, a multitude of factors (including a bad economy where straight men could not find jobs for very long periods of time and very relaxed attitudes about sexuality in much of society) made Prague the world’s capital in gay smut for a time.  The list of gay porn stars from the Czech Republic has since become very long, including Roman Koroza, Benjamin Dunn, Alex Master, Max Born, Gilbert Bosco, Paul Skerritt, Soto Donovan, Anthony Okamoto, Lorice Jackman, Fredy Costa, and Lukas Ridgeston.

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