Friday, November 27, 2015

Our 'Black Friday' Salutes African American Nude Men

Today kicks off VGMH's holiday season! Creating our own holiday tradition several years ago, VGMH started this tribute to the men of African decent who've kindly appeared in gay smut over the ages.  A number of early models made their mark in the business and remain true classics. Early legends such as Bob Mizer (Athletic Modeling Guild) routinely photographed handsome African American men like Gerald Oglesby and Tyronne Jones. Indeed, smut (both straight and gay) has always been a forerunner in terms of bringing different races together to have some fun and enjoyment.

Retailers began calling the day after Thanksgiving "black Friday" because so many people started their Christmas shopping then, that the stores made enough money to put their bottom line profits for the year in "black" ink instead of money-loosing"red" ink.  It was also when the department stores took down the sheets and displayed their wonderlands of Christmas window displays and ornate decorations throughout the store.   Aside from a few retailers, those elaborate window displays (along with the staff of professional decorators that created them) have been history for some time.
Things changed thanks to discount retailers who cut prices and didn't even have window displays to decorate.  But these cement-box-stores had another draw for the public:  Frenzy-driving discounts replaced the decorations to lure in the shoppers.  And now yet another transition is in full progress, as the cement-box-stores try to compete with online retailers.  Stores are competing to stay alive and Black Friday has creeped into the actual Thanksgiving holiday in many places.  To be sure, price is very important, as is the convenience of shopping from home.  Nothing stays the same.  Today's flat screen TV's will become tomorrow's 8-Track tape decks.  But these men will always stay in style.
Ronnie, from Sierra Sierra Domino Studios

From 1950's body builders posing for early physique photographers to everyday gentlemen making some extra money in the 1970's, black men have a long and valued place in gay erotic history. Craig Calvin Anderson's Sierra Domino Studios produced beautiful images of black men during the 1970's.  The 1980's and technology (VCR machines and inexpensive videos) brought more black men into gay smut than ever before.  The success of rap music helped to titillate young white male audiences and has infiltrated numerous aspects of mainstream culture including fashion, movies,
vocabulary, and porn.

Below: Mr. Larry Samuels

Below: Mr. Willie Lewis


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