Wednesday, November 4, 2015

November 1975

Jan DeWerd  remains a mystery, in that VGMH thinks that Playgirl could have done so much more with this wonderful man's published photos.  He certainly had the looks and physique.  His thick cock was a pleasure to behold, for the limited views that readers were treated to.  Jan appeared in the November 1975 issue in the Horoscope section and then again in April 1977 in a collection of previously unpublished photos of various models.  We do get to see an aroused Jan with a horse behind him in one closely cropped shot.  We'll just celebrate what we have of Jan as we wonder what photographs might still be in a file cabinet or dusty folder somewhere that never made it into the magazine. A nifty story in this issue was "Hiring A Man For Sex: A Young Woman's Experience."

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