Sunday, November 15, 2015

Mr. November

Our Mr. November's quite the rugged outdoors man.  Gloved and booted, he's ready for hard work.  That plaid flannel shirt could have come from the Sears or Penny's Fall and Winter catalog.   No doubt he's creating a whole lot of wood out there, but he looks more than ready and able to cut those trunks down to size.  And then there's that mystery hand holding another leaf that could come in handy...If you look VERY close you will see something fun at the end of the pine cone positioned over his groin dangling between his legs...the tight tip of his uncircumcised penis is getting a little fresh air.  Maybe it's just VGMH, wishful thinking, but doesn't Mr. November's beaming smile looked a lot like that of real-male model and vintage muscle man Dale Curry?


Dale deserves and will get his own profile in the future.

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