Saturday, November 21, 2015

Luciano Endino

Back just after the turn of the last century, swarthy Luciano's three-day beard stubble and that densely carpeted chest fur were only the beginnings of his macho attractions to international audiences.  Changes in politics had created a new industry in many Eastern European countries that had previously not been open to the west's smut industry.  Millions of men around the world were hungry for Hungarian naked men.  The European/Czech adult gay entertainment boom was offering fans fresh faces and physiques.  But there were lots of good looking men, so what set Luciano apart?  It was Endino's banana-curved 6-inch pleasure stick that made him a star.   Just as quickly as it became aroused it bent upwards and curled up his belly, twitching when it saw someone that he wanted to fuck with it.

Luciano Endino (aka Luciano Carroll) appears to have been one of those guys who briefly worked in the world of adult modeling for about two years before moving on to do other things in his life (it's reported that this hunk is also a credentialed math and physics instructor).

Between 2002 and 2003 there was a fair amount of media attention paid to the new star.  Luciano graced the cover of Honcho magazine's September 2003 issue.  Cover photos are designed to grab attention on crowded magazine racks to get customers to buy them, and the Honcho cover photo of Endino's hairy chest and inviting treasure trail certainly delivered.  Luciano also appeared in Blueboy, Indulge, and Machismo.  These were primarily shots tied to his movies.  Famed European director Csaba Borbely used Luciano in many productions. 

While they may have admired his ruggedly beautiful face and 200 pound 6' solid body, some gay smut critics were less than generous in comments about what they seem to have viewed as limitations in his acting skills during sex scenes, which was a common complaint about the men from Czech countries.  "In true no-nonsense Eastern European style,   Luciano and his partners get the job done of having sex together...just don't expect much chemistry between these buffed straight studs with Viagra boners.   [...] a hairy guy [like this] would be perfect playing the part of a young best friend's hot daddy.   Let a geeky skinny twink provide the excitement of licking every inch of his friends' daddy [Luciano] playing with those big balls and riding Luciano's cock to the moon and back."
Luciano was primarily a contract performer of Pacific Sun Entertainment during his time in the business.  He was usually seen performing top roles in his movies shot in Hungary or Greece wearing a condom.  He definitely knew how to suck cock and usually kissed his partners. What's surprising is that wasn't filmed in a lot of solo movies.
Interestingly in terms of gay vintage movie smut trivia,  Luciano Endino fucked wrestling pal Erik Maestro in the locker room showers for a 2002 Hungarian porno (Secrets of a Wrestler Vol. 2: Slam)  that included some English subtitles at the bottom of the screen, sometimes obscuring views of Luciano's buns!  Reading the subtitles while trying to get 'in the mood' may not work so effectively at pitching a tent, but they are definitely fun on their own to read.  Some other films also by Pacific Sun studios also included subtitles.
Actually, subtitles in American-produced porno smut films goes all the way back to early days of film loops before sound became a standard feature.  They were typically added at the beginning of the loop while the performers were being introduced and the situation for them having sex was being explained to the audience.  It usually didn't take a lot of dialog (then and now) before clothing came off and nooky began.

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