Sunday, November 1, 2015

Brilliant Diamond: November Stud Derrek

Handsome Derrek Diamond performed in smut and then, like so many gentlemen who made the same decision to drop their trousers before him, just as easily decided to retire from the business a few years ago.   In 2010, it's reported that Derrek took a hiatus from the porn industry so that he could marry his long term boyfriend and save the family jewels for his hubby to enjoy.  Fans have not been so quick to forget about Derrek however, and he still has Internet groups dedicated to all-things Derrek.  Anthology video collections of his work are still available.  What made him so special in an ocean of hunky men working in smut?   
As a professional male model, Derrek worked in the world of imagery and he seemed to understand the fantasy component.  He did a great job of fitting the role being played at that time.  Derrek had that easy going 'guy next door' look about him and a sexual sensibility that cocks were there to be enjoyed (and guys should be screwing his beefy ass) when such opportunities came about.  It's all these factors (in different genres of porn with their own audiences) that helped to make (and keep) him so darn popular.
It's reported that his journey began by being discovered at the Randy Blue Studio and then later he became a Raging Stallion exclusive model.   Lucky for us, he left a great collection of Eros to continue to enjoy to this day, including a very-red-themed (romantic?) photo shoot.  But in stark contrast to the plush roses and red velvet robe of the Playgirl images, there's also something that's a little extra special about some of Derrek's work, and well, the names of some of these videos probably speak for themselves: Flogs for Fuck (Bound  Gods), Pledgemaster, The Hazing, and Skuff 4, Downright Fierce, which includes this synopsis:  "Race Cooper leans on his Harley down a deserted alley, his chiseled torso glowing in the moonlight. Innocent looking cruiser Derrek Diamond sees him and approaches with caution.  Mating can be dangerous.  Cooper removes his thick leather collar and secures it on Diamond, making him is willing submissive.  After forcing his cock down Diamond's throat.  With his butt ready for the pleasure that only a throbbing cock can deliver, Diamond leans on a lamppost to receive Cooper's rod. Hungry for more fucking, Diamond retrieves a mattress from a pile of debris and lies down so Cooper can pound him harder."  It's a great reminder that actors and models perform many roles and that the really talented folks are able to give outstanding performances no matter what the part calls for. 

We all know that men likes machines and toys, so it's a natural combo when the two are joined for some greased-up heavy metal fun!  Derrek demonstrated how industrial machinery has a potential place in every man's garage or bedroom.

If there was a kinky side to some of his performances that made him popular with select audiences, there was also a mainstream audience that will recognize Derrek for decades to come from the still-popular 2010 film Tales of the Arabian Nights.  

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