Thursday, October 15, 2015

Tricks and Treats!

Knock knock!
Well shiver me timbers, if you're going to a Halloween party, these nifty trick or treat costume ideas are sure to get you noticed. 

Who doesn't like a studly pirate with a woodie..err make that a wooden leg.  Arrrr Arrr Arrr. 

Above: Lots of men brag about the 'huge monster' they'll show us if we go home with them, but for only a buck they can really deliver the goods--as the ad says "Just imagine your friend's shock when they walk into your room and see the "visitor"..." 
 That big tool between his legs looks so powerful. 

Mr. Fireman costume!  
What? No, there's no fire inside my place.  Well sure, if you want to come inside and check for yourself, I guess that's ok...

What are you doing, Mr. Fireman? It's getting hot in here?  Hmm... this must be a treat!

Below: Thanks for showing me your hose, but is that the best you can do with it?...It looks a little, ummmm... flat. And limp. If that's all it does, then grab a Snickers bar from the bowl by the front door, get dressed, and get the heck out!  Bring back that hunky pirate or construction worker!

Now we're talking!  Those hefty knockers must weight 5 pounds each.

What's under his kilt? ...there's only one way to find out. 

Eeeeek! Scare everybody and go as Glenn Beck!

 Below: Of course, the most popular guys at an Halloween party don't even have to wear a costume to get lots of attention.

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