Friday, October 2, 2015

Lee Marlin

Lee Marlin has been described as being "[...] the jock best friend of your older brother who made you excited to be around because he was so damn sexy but also made you mad because he flirted with your younger sister who was equally lusting over him." and that is a pretty good definition of his appeal throughout his career.  Lee started in the mid seventies and made a name for himself in a Kip Noll flick film called Grease Monkeys and then by 1980 was in Nova's His Little Brother.

He mnay be best remembered for his role in the 1980 classic Nova film Roommates.  From the liner notes: "Kip Noll and Lee Marlin decide to share an apartment when they go to college. But most roommates never get this close! The unpacking stops when always-horny Lee gets a load of Kip's claim to fame... and Kip gets a look at Lee's assets. The they go at it on the living room floor, there'll be no need for two beds in this apartment."
Kip and Lee
Kip gets more than a roommate with Lee

 Lee worked for William Higgins and was featured in Rear Deliveries: "Follow 5 hunky young delivery men as they find a day's work more exciting than exhausting. Screen sensation Lee Marlin gets caught up in more than a pressing day, while all are pleased with each others' performance in delivering the goods."  

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