Sunday, October 4, 2015

Danny D

Danny's screen names (he has gone by Matt H., Matt Hughes, Daniel, Danny D., and Danny Dong) are probably not what his gay and straight male fans remember when they see him naked.  The 6' 1" tall stud weighs in at a lean 149 pounds, which only helps to make his long 11 inch cock look even bigger!  Starting in porn around 2006 at the age of 19 in Europe, he has since performed in many straight and gay and solo roles.  It's reported that Danny identifies as straight which would make him a 'gay for pay' performer in gay smut.

Danny starred for European male smut studios like Cazzo Films, EuroCreme, UK Naked Men, and FreshSX.  There was some skeptical talk inside of the industry when Danny was signed by Brazzers for straight porn as a crossover star from gay smut.   But straight guys have always enjoyed watching the pained faces on girlies as they take a monster cock, so they were pleased to watch Danny's cock giving it to them good and hard.  And many of his gay fans seemed happy to let Danny enjoy sticking himself into girls instead of guys (if that he was he enjoyed doing) as long as the photography focused on his magnificent manhood in action.   A few years back there were porn rumors were that a European parody of gold swimmer Michael Phelps was in the works, and that Danny might be picked to play the lean muscular athlete alongside two other competitors played by European and Italian models with equally impressive 11-plus inch cocks.  It's said that the storyline would have been that their big cocks, pressed tightly against their bellies in their competition sportswear, acted like aerodynamic rudders in the water.  It was also to have been a coming out story as the star athlete wrestles with his sexual desires for the other male swimmers. Unfortunately, the  abundance of cheap video porn on the Internet had made big budget erotic films difficult to finance to make a profit and the movie was never produced. Very active through about 2011, Danny's fans would certainly like to see him displaying much more of his (slightly-more-mature) manhood once again in gay porn.

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