Thursday, September 17, 2015

Eric Manchester

 September 1987 was a busy time for Italian hunk Eric Manchester (aka Paul Carson).  He was featured in both Playguy and Jock magazines that month/year.   During his career he worked for Falcon Studios, HIS, Catalina and Vivid among other studios. 

While a true star of the 1980s, Eric had a somewhat limited level of notoriety back then and now, which is a surprise considering his good looks, macho attitude and thick 8" cut cock.   Maybe it was because his flicks were often hit-or-miss.  Maybe this was because Eric worked in assorted gay smut genres which had their own specialized fan bases.  He performed as a bisexual man in Innocence Lost, a video released during the heyday of corner family rental stores.  He was the young cub to older hottie Nick Fabrini in Dirty Daddies.  In Blondes Balling Raw, cheating Troy MacKenzie gets a back door fucking from local cocksman stud Eric while Troy's boyfriend is away at work.  In Bulge, two straight guys (Mike Henson and Eric) pretend to be sleeping as they feel each other up and then jack off.  And in Loads of Leather, Eric shows up for a good suck and fuck at a leather party, which he gets courtesy of an eager Jack Lofton.  Later, Eric joins a gang of men who have gagged Chris Williams and its Eric's job to work a big fat dildo in and out of Chris as the guys unload their sperm on Chris.

His loyal fans were treated to a "best of" video starring Eric in his pre-condom glory days. This compilation contains scenes from Down For The Count, Powerline, Head Of The Class and They Grow Em Big.

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