Friday, September 11, 2015

1982: How I Got The Story

Christopher getting his hose sucked among the butter cups.

How I Got the Story was actually a tried-and-true methodology of turning several short loops into longer movies.  In this case, it's three loops featuring a total of six cocks.  The term "loops" refers to when short smut reels of film were sold via the postal service mail, and were played on film projectors.  
In loop number one, Beau Matthews does an interview with sexy Nova Studios superstar Michael Christopher.  Of course, the story these two men are really interested in is all about the growing boners in their trousers.  There's kissing and cock sucking and sperm flying in the air shared before the tranquility of the afternoon must end. 

In the second loop called Double Deal, Jeff Wells plays the role of a blond, buff surfer dude in contrast to Mike DeMarco's darker rebel character with attitude.
In loop number three called Photo Play, California beach boy Adam Stuart and hairy hunk Quinn Curtis turn photography into fucktography.  

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