Sunday, August 9, 2015

Summer Fantasy: Welcome to Easyville! (part one)

With not many job opportunities for young inexperienced guys, it looks like young bucks in the small town of Easyville have figured out ways to keep themselves entertained.  To be more specific, it looks like they've discovered the joys of a tight ass on a hot summer afternoon.  Their girlfriends want to talk (yak yak yak about stupid things) and want to go out to movies and stuff...but with a butt buddy, all you have to do is put him in position and plow away.  Once word spread that guys like Jimmy were an easy piece of tail to nail, the dog days of August were downright fun in Easyville. 
Jimmy never knew how much fun it could be.   He also learned how some guys can sweet-talk the object of their desire just to 'pump, dump and leave' without even a 'thank you' as they put their clothes back on.
Who could have guessed that summer would have turned out so swell!

Please stay tuned for part two!

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