Thursday, August 13, 2015

Summer Fantasy: Welcome to Easyville!

Jimmy's wedding to Jane was a big deal here in Easyville last June. Lucky Jimmy just couldn't pick one, so he had seven best men! Only ever since their nuptials, poor Jane's been complaining to her friends because Jimmy just isn't delivering his 'male' into her female post office 'box', so to speak.
It looks like she's busy trying to turn him on while he's trying to turn on the radio (probably a wedding gift) to listen to tonight's baseball game.  Jane, Jane, Jane--Go buy yourself a battery operated vibrator....and wash the soles of your dirty feet while your at it!  It seems that Jane's girlfriends are having the same complaint--their guys just don't seem very interested in fooling around anymore.  What would cause that?  And why do kitchens all over town keep running out of Crisco all of a sudden?

Mayor Johnson commented at a town hall meeting that it's a pleasure to see the menfolk getting along so well.  It's true!  Even the barber shop is full of younger guys with long hair chatting up the older men sporting crew's as if they suddenly found something they all have in common.  Then all of a sudden someone will whisper something and off they go together.
Whatever is going on, Jane knows that she's not getting her share of nookie and it's starting to really get her hair curled!  And that happy smile on Jimmy's face everytime he comes home from being out 'with the boys' isn't helping matters!

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