Sunday, August 16, 2015

New York City Inferno (1978)

Produced in 1977, New York City Inferno is also known as Cock Tales or From Paris to New York.  With a thumping disco beat, this movie is chock-full of masculine sex fantasies (and realities, if you happened to live in the area surrounding New York City area back then and had a bent for aggressive tops or eager-to-please bottoms looking to get dominated).  Filmed almost as a documentary in style, it has a very gritty feel. This 70's era of gay liberation in major cities assisted in unfortunately setting the early stage for a deadly sexually transmitted disease to be spread quickly among many people, but no one knew that at the time. 
Jerome, a Frenchman (played by Alain-Guy Giraudon), arrives in New York from Paris with only one idea: to find his lover Paul (played by Bob Bleecker), whom he discovers has become 'swallowed' up by the New York anonymous underground gay sex world.  In nonstop encounters, Jerome searches for his lover Paul as he delves deeper and deeper into the hookup locations of animal slaughter warehouses, urine-tinged public toilets, and dangerous dockside rotted piers.

Men give blow jobs to building construction workers, cigarettes dangling out of their mouths.  Guys get fisted.  Men get their pants pulled down and fucked (condom-less back then).  Guys feel the stinging pain of teeth marks on the backs of their necks as their mysterious partner holds them in place. And as mentioned, having been made just before the dawn of the nightmare that would become AIDS, men take loads and loads of sperm up their asses, sprayed across their faces and in their eyes, and shot down their throats as part of the sex acts without hesitation.  This film is a snap shot of a specific location (New York) at a specific time in history.

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