Sunday, August 23, 2015

Men of Summer: 1976

Ahhh Summer....The sun, water and sand...oh yea, and hot beach studs! For a number of years, the annual Playgirl's Men of Summer issue was one of their most-popular seasonal specialty publications, which was distributed in addition to the monthly magazine.  As the cover says: "Sailors, High Divers...and the tannest hides this side of the Pacific."

The publications were a good way to reissue old photo spreads of their previously-seen hottest models, and for the reader there was a lot of "bang for the buck" since so many men were included compared to the monthly Playgirl magazine. Gracing the cover of the 1983 Men of Summer issue was Ron Yarbrough, who first appeared in Playgirl magazine back in July 1976 (cover below).

The Playgirl magazine July 1976 issue (Volume 4 Issue # 2 Number 38) had Ron Yarbrough (above) as the cover model and the centerfold stud, or as they called him Man For July.  What's amazing is that while Ron posed in 1976, he looks like he could be Christopher Atkin's brother from 1980's The Blue Lagoon. As part of the photo shoot, Ron is actually in water taking a playful swim with a dolphin (VGMH will have these photos later this week in this series.

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