Saturday, August 29, 2015

Back to School

It's Fall and the kids are back in school.  Looks like they are ready to show one another (and their male teacher) all the fun things that they learned while away during the long hot summer. The first lesson involves connecting two different objects together, such as a long hard cylinder (cock) and a pliable hole which can adapt, such as an open mouth or anus.  This study can require careful thought and practice to position the hole in just the right place to make the connection possible.  
Kept After School was a1982 Nova production. Jeff Hunter,Mike Barnes,Hans Mueller,Buddy Hill, and Doug Mason.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Men of Summer: 1976

Ahhh Summer....The sun, water and sand...oh yea, and hot beach studs! For a number of years, the annual Playgirl's Men of Summer issue was one of their most-popular seasonal specialty publications, which was distributed in addition to the monthly magazine.  As the cover says: "Sailors, High Divers...and the tannest hides this side of the Pacific."

The publications were a good way to reissue old photo spreads of their previously-seen hottest models, and for the reader there was a lot of "bang for the buck" since so many men were included compared to the monthly Playgirl magazine. Gracing the cover of the 1983 Men of Summer issue was Ron Yarbrough, who first appeared in Playgirl magazine back in July 1976 (cover below).

The Playgirl magazine July 1976 issue (Volume 4 Issue # 2 Number 38) had Ron Yarbrough (above) as the cover model and the centerfold stud, or as they called him Man For July.  What's amazing is that while Ron posed in 1976, he looks like he could be Christopher Atkin's brother from 1980's The Blue Lagoon. As part of the photo shoot, Ron is actually in water taking a playful swim with a dolphin (VGMH will have these photos later this week in this series.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

New York City Inferno (1978)

Produced in 1977, New York City Inferno is also known as Cock Tales or From Paris to New York.  With a thumping disco beat, this movie is chock-full of masculine sex fantasies (and realities, if you happened to live in the area surrounding New York City area back then and had a bent for aggressive tops or eager-to-please bottoms looking to get dominated).  Filmed almost as a documentary in style, it has a very gritty feel. This 70's era of gay liberation in major cities assisted in unfortunately setting the early stage for a deadly sexually transmitted disease to be spread quickly among many people, but no one knew that at the time. 
Jerome, a Frenchman (played by Alain-Guy Giraudon), arrives in New York from Paris with only one idea: to find his lover Paul (played by Bob Bleecker), whom he discovers has become 'swallowed' up by the New York anonymous underground gay sex world.  In nonstop encounters, Jerome searches for his lover Paul as he delves deeper and deeper into the hookup locations of animal slaughter warehouses, urine-tinged public toilets, and dangerous dockside rotted piers.

Men give blow jobs to building construction workers, cigarettes dangling out of their mouths.  Guys get fisted.  Men get their pants pulled down and fucked (condom-less back then).  Guys feel the stinging pain of teeth marks on the backs of their necks as their mysterious partner holds them in place. And as mentioned, having been made just before the dawn of the nightmare that would become AIDS, men take loads and loads of sperm up their asses, sprayed across their faces and in their eyes, and shot down their throats as part of the sex acts without hesitation.  This film is a snap shot of a specific location (New York) at a specific time in history.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Summer Fantasy: Welcome to Easyville!

Jimmy's wedding to Jane was a big deal here in Easyville last June. Lucky Jimmy just couldn't pick one, so he had seven best men! Only ever since their nuptials, poor Jane's been complaining to her friends because Jimmy just isn't delivering his 'male' into her female post office 'box', so to speak.
It looks like she's busy trying to turn him on while he's trying to turn on the radio (probably a wedding gift) to listen to tonight's baseball game.  Jane, Jane, Jane--Go buy yourself a battery operated vibrator....and wash the soles of your dirty feet while your at it!  It seems that Jane's girlfriends are having the same complaint--their guys just don't seem very interested in fooling around anymore.  What would cause that?  And why do kitchens all over town keep running out of Crisco all of a sudden?

Mayor Johnson commented at a town hall meeting that it's a pleasure to see the menfolk getting along so well.  It's true!  Even the barber shop is full of younger guys with long hair chatting up the older men sporting crew's as if they suddenly found something they all have in common.  Then all of a sudden someone will whisper something and off they go together.
Whatever is going on, Jane knows that she's not getting her share of nookie and it's starting to really get her hair curled!  And that happy smile on Jimmy's face everytime he comes home from being out 'with the boys' isn't helping matters!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Summer Fantasy: Welcome to Easyville! (part one)

With not many job opportunities for young inexperienced guys, it looks like young bucks in the small town of Easyville have figured out ways to keep themselves entertained.  To be more specific, it looks like they've discovered the joys of a tight ass on a hot summer afternoon.  Their girlfriends want to talk (yak yak yak about stupid things) and want to go out to movies and stuff...but with a butt buddy, all you have to do is put him in position and plow away.  Once word spread that guys like Jimmy were an easy piece of tail to nail, the dog days of August were downright fun in Easyville. 
Jimmy never knew how much fun it could be.   He also learned how some guys can sweet-talk the object of their desire just to 'pump, dump and leave' without even a 'thank you' as they put their clothes back on.
Who could have guessed that summer would have turned out so swell!

Please stay tuned for part two!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Speedo Tent Poles

Ramon Nomar looking very interested in doing something more than swimming.
Dirk Shafer poking out

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Steve Masters and Seafair-ing Lads

Mike Miksche by George Platt Lynes, 1952
Seafair is a fun annual celebration here in the Pacific Northwest.  It began in the 1950's and continues every August/July with navy ship tours, air shows with the Blue Angels, hydroplane races, parades, and pretend pirates who collect money for good chairities. Fleet Week is especially popular because it's usually when U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, and Canadian Navy ships enter Elliot Bay.  The sexy sailors get to explore the city of Seatte and the local land lubbers get to explore/tour the ships.

Last weekend was the big event with sea-worthy men everywhere, something that artist Steve Masters would no doubt have enjoyed a whole lot.  Steve Masters (Mike Miksche in real life) became a very popular contributor to physique magazines in their 1950's golden era.  Having served in the military himself, for relaxation and fun he drew pen-and-ink drawings of masculine men doing erotic and dominant things to other sailors and then signed with the pen name of Steve Masters (note the initials are SM).  It's believed that some of his 'rough trade' ideas may have been based upon actual straight-identified sailors and the gay men they humiliated before, during and after using them for sexual pleasure.
Married and living in New York City to a woman, it's reported that Mike/Steve Masters continued to enjoy his domination fetish long after those years in the military, and that he eventually met famed sex researcher Alfred Kinsey who he subsequently became an unofficial collaborator with via Kinsey’s Institute for Sex Research. In the spring of 1950 (at Kinsey’s invitation) Masters was filmed engaging in BDSM sex with Samuel Morris Steward.  Mike would later commit suicide by jumping into the Hudson river. After his death, his wife found the erotica that her husband had created (including what's believed to be extreme S/M and domination drawings of sex between men) and burned it. Such a response it typical when relatives uncover gay erotica after a family member passes away.  What remains today is what had been published and what Mike/Steve Masters had already donated to the Kinsey Institute.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

August 1985

Readers of Playgirl magazine were treated to a surprise with the August 1985 issue.  A true major-league baseball sportsman graced the centerfold pages, even though he didn't show his own balls or bat (or much else that couldn't be seen in swim trunks).   Several years after retiring, Stone appeared (at age 37) with two nude shots.  Stone kept his right leg positioned in such a way as to block any views of his love machine tools.  Viewers enjoying shots his hairy chest were left to imagine what his thick brown bush of pubic hairs probably looked like.  This issue also featured, beginning on page 60, SEXY MEN OF THE SEA promising "Stunning sailors who are guaranteed to put the wind in your sails".
Stone was a major league pitcher from 1971-81. He pitched for the San Francisco Giants (1971-72), Chicago White Sox (1973, 77-78), Chicago Cubs (1974-76), and the Baltimore Orioles (1979-81). Stone's best year was in 1980 when he went 25-7 with a 3.23 ERA and won the American League Cy Young Award. Stone also pitched in the 1979 World Series against the Pittsburgh Pirates.