Sunday, July 12, 2015

Summer Reading

It sounds crazy, but there was actually a time when people had to read  paper books.  And ain't it just like a darn dame...getting all clingy and cuddly and possesive, when all this rugged suspenders jockey wants from her is a nice smoke and a drink?  Honey, maybe he just ain't into you?  Perhaps he wants to go see Rock Hudson in "One Way Street" or spend some quality time with his best bud playing pool shooting balls at the tavern.  Published back in 1950, this cover model is hunka-hunka-hot in a smoldering tough-guy sorta way.  The cover got our attention, which no doubt was the intention.  So VGMH wants to know exactly what was the man was saying "no" to in the title of this pulp fiction?  That's what makes it a summertime mystery that we have to read it in order it to find out!  Of course if we had our way, he would be saying "yes!" to some athletic Navy man with a short blonde crew cut and white bell bottoms...but that's just the way we roll here aty VGMH.   
Looks like this treasure-trailed troubadour can't wait to rip off his robe and get busy dancing to some bongo-booty tunes!  This 1967 book cost a hefty 95 cents back then, so it had better have been good reading.  Maybe they could have splured on a few more colors for the cover, so the guy in the tidy whities in the background didn't have the same color hair as the mystery man's belt?  In any event, we're sure everything came out ok in the end.

And speaking about ends...Hopefully this July issue of After Dark was still laying around some body's coffee table in August of 1975 to be enjoyed.  This was definitely a keeper for the bathroom.  OK, so there may be some really good reading inside, but honestly the only thing we're paying attention to is that gent's wonderful sun-kissed legs and his beautiful white buns.  Whoever #14 was in the crimson red jersey, you have a place here at VGMH forever.

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