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Sam Jones

Sam Jones was born in 1954 in Chicago.   He's probably best remembered for two splashy appearances in show business:  Playgirl and Flash Gordon

Posing as Andrew Cooper III (an alias created by the magazine editors to suggest he was a person of wealth), heterosexual Sam was the sexy 6'4" centerfold for the June 1975 issue of Playgirl

He would go on to make his first film appearance opposite Bo Derek in the 1979 romance comedy film 10.  Mr. Jones then got his big Hollywood break when he starred as Flash Gordon in the 1980 film of the same name.  It was supposed to be a big campy hit but something didn't quite work.  The Playgirl photo spread returned, and it probably didn't help that in 1974 a smut-spoof of the original Flash Gordon series had already been very popular, Flesh Gordon (please see video below)

Now considered to be a cult classic, the initial box office failure of 1980's Flash Gordon pretty much nixed Sams' chances of getting a second shot at carrying another big budget movie.  Since then, it's reported that his work has been in television and in low-budget action films.

Sam played Chris Rorchek in the TV series Code Red (1981-1982), acted in My Chauffeur (1986), was the lead actor in a 1987 adaptation of The Spirit, was in Jane and the Lost City (1987), and played the title character in the short-lived NBC series The Highwayman.  Jones also acted in: Obsession Kills (1995), Fists of Iron (1995), American Strays (1996), American Tigers (1996), and Gangland and Psychotic (2002).   Going full-circle, in  In 2007, he had a special guest role in playing the prisoner Krebb in the Sci Fi Channel original television series Flash Gordon.

Jones is a former United States Marine and has received several entertainment, civic, and humanitarian awards: Citizen of The Year, presented by California State Senate; County of Los Angeles; City of Los Angeles; and North Hollywood Police Department, as well as The Outstanding Achievement Award in The Entertainment Industry, presented by The Southern California Motion Picture Council.

While the hunky actor has enjoyed a loyal following of gay fans for decades, it's reported that this straight actor has been married twice and is the father of five children.

Playgirl Magazine June 1975
Volume 3 Issue # 1 Number 25

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