Thursday, July 2, 2015

Mickey Squires

Mickey's story is legendary in his hometown of Hollywood, where it's reported he was born in 1952 and some thirty years later became tinsel town beefcake royalty.  At 5' 11" tall and a solid 195 pounds, his hazel eyes and handsome face were perfect for show business.    His favorite childhood memory may have been 'Jerking off when I was 11 years old in the bathroom' but by young adulthood, Mickey had reportedly been rejected by Playgirl magazine for a centerfold shoot and then around 1981, was asked to model for COLT. 

The magazines followed, with BLUEBOY (Oct 1981, Dec 1982); HONCHO (Aug 1981, Dec 1981); STALLION (March 1983); MANDATE (May 1982, Feb 1983); JOCK (April 1985); and TORSO (March 1983), among others.  Today he's often best remembered for his1981 Honcho appearance alongside Joe Paduca, floating on a raft in a sparkling blue pool clearly enjoying the intimacy.

Mickey Squires films included  Flashbacks, Red Ball Express, Face To Face, Fade Out, Joys of Self Abuse and The Brig; plus the two films he did for Colt: The Come-On with Jack Hacker (who is grunting on top of Mickey as he screws him proper) and Sun Strokes where Mickey is paired with Tod Avery (aka very young J.W. King).  Later in his career as time matured his beautiful face and physique, he would perform in bear roles and excite both original fans and new ones alike.  VGMH thinks one of his most-overlooked performances was in 1981's Red Ball Express.   Mickey plays a delivery guy for moonshine and Jayson MacBride give hims delivery instructions. Squires may want to sell hooch be he keeps going to places where guys are fucking one another.  MacBride eventually instructs him to come back to the dispatch station,and you can guess the rest.  The movie is cheesy and so downright baaaad in terms of production values that it's a perfect reminder that not everything from vintage vaults is wonderful--this was standard fare in the era it was produced which is why it's so great.  Classic 1970's smut music is dubbed into every scene and of course the audience is not given actual sex sounds from the guys having fun with one another.

Mickey had a very long career in adult erotica which included a blog briefly during 2006.   His Tuesday, July 18, 2006 blog entry was his last to his readers and in the opinion of VGMH, is very endearing and wise advice:

"HI ALL...just a few words here to end this thing and move on with my life...i am the happiest i have been in 20 close friendship with kevin has made me feel complete, and i feel i have NOTHING to write about...NOW WHAT I WANT YOU TO DO DEAR READERS...IS GO OUT AND LIVE YOUR LIVES AND WRITE YOUR OWN STORY FOR OTHERS YET TO COME TO KNOW ABOUT...

we all have stories to tell...and THANK YOU ALL FOR CARING ABOUT MINE...I wll fully disappear into the night here and try to live my older age as quietly as possible with the help of friends and work...MICKEY SQUIRES is NO MORE!...

meet RICHARD!...i think you might like him too...



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