Saturday, July 25, 2015

Fresh Summer Studs

The time that modern men spend working in porn is reportedly reducing as more guys view smut as an experience of their youth that they want to try.   Today's post is a reminder that each year brings a fresh new crop of men into the adult entertainment business, just as others decide to leave porn to work doing other things.  Kellan, Jake and Bradley are three models that are enjoying a lot of popularity right now. 
Kellan Parker would look great in any season, but he's especially handsome wearing next to nothing enjoying summertime sportswear.  It's reported that Kellan was discovered at the age of 18.  A tall 6'1 in height and 190 pounds of solid muscle, this young gent offers a thick 7" love tool. Just imagine, if Kellan decides to stick with an adult career for 10 years, he would be an old man of 28!

The photo below is so wonderful, thanks in great measure to a photographer who appreciates his subject by capturing Kellan's physique in what is a classic pose that was popular in the last century's muscle men publications.
Below, we see Kellan and outdoors friend Jake Andrews enjoying a sunny afternoon.  Yikes!!! It looks like a hot snake is about to join them as Kellan undoes his shorts...
Below, Jake Andrews looking classically rugged, yet in a somewhat reminiscent Victorian-era pose. 
And who could blame Bradley Hudson for taking advantage of the opportunity to slip himself deep inside of Kellan?  Bradley is said to be from Southern California and grew up surfing.  Looks like he definitely knows how to ride a nice tight ass.  Just a few more slow strokes like this one should climax Bradley.  Come on, Kellan!  How about using that free hand to gently hold Bradley's ball sack for him!
Another pic of Bradley solo with his board

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