Monday, July 6, 2015

Bill Cable

A straight man in his personal life, Bill's popularity with gay men (as Stoner) via Colt Studios and Mandate magazine, was equally matched by his appeal with women via Playgirl.  Indeed, Playgirl (founded in 1973) helped to make Mr. Cable one of the most successful adult-content models of that decade---Bill Cable appeared in Playgirl magazine numerous times during its first decade, testimony to just how desirable he was.  Bill could be found in: July 1973 (The Long Cool Summer: A Fashion Essay that began on page 76); November 1974 (cover model); May 1975 (Beauty and the Beast fantasy); and May 1977 (portfolio),  in addition to retrospective/special publications that reprinted from previous photo shoots.

Sadly, Bill would become part of Hollywood royalty history for a very sad event, when Christian Brando (son of Marlon) faced murder charges.  Bill was about 44 years old at the time and a close friend of Christian.  The People magazine story of events can be found here, including Bill in the story.  In 1990, Christian Brando pleaded guilty to manslaughter for killing his sister's boyfriend.

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