Friday, July 31, 2015

Any room in the house will do

Luckily for us viewers, some themes in gay smut withstand the test of time, such as young dudes hooking up for nasty pleasures of the flesh.  Bedrooms, bathrooms, back yards, garages...boners come out and holes open up.  The furnishings of bedrooms change with the eras and now the photos are in color.  What doesn't change is what two guys do to one another, and there always seem to be trophy's on night stands as well!
A young guy finds a slightly older dude who is horny and happy to teach his new buddy the joys of messing around together when nobody else is around the house.  It's a classic scenario for smut (and for many men a real-life depiction of their early sexual life experiences). 

In this contemporary photo set, Julian visits Sencer and he has one thing on his mind.  Julian is enjoying a little butt play with that smooth tight little ass. Lucky Sencer rides the dick before getting it doggy style.   Julian leaves a thick rope of sperm on his used buddy before taking off.

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