Friday, May 1, 2015

May Book Club

Published in 1968, this novel, written by Drew Austin, offered up the misunderstood character of Lonnie.  Handsome Lonnie was a man starved for the kind of sexual relations that society didn't approve of and had made illegal.  Lonnie found the answer to his desires in prison, as well as the untouchable guard, Phil. This novel was actually part of their French Line series of books and is numbered "French Line 46."  The back cover has an image of Eiffel Tower.
This book by Matt Bradley comes courtesy of Century Books and sounds the alarm that "15% of all Americans are homosexual!" This "growing national problem" of men engaging in homosexual activities together is must-reading for the concerned citizen, as it includes a slang dictionary of the special words that these homos use!  Lucky, we have Matt Bradley to share with us what goes on all over the country.  It's reported that Century Books published five titles between 1965-1967.

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