Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Guess the Retro Stud: Mr. Mike Arlen!

Patrons of early 1980s gay smut might have recognized him as Mike Arlen, but he was already well on his way to becoming a true superstar of straight porn under the name of Mike Ranger.  Reportedly born Michael Grainger included Bob Sherman, Chuck Fabrae, Jack Gooding, Mark Ranger, Michael Ranger, Michael Stapp, Michael Stewart, Michael Stuart, Mike Carlson, Mike Fairmont, Mike Grainger, Mike Stapp, Mike Step, Mike Steph, Mike Stepp, Mike Strong, Mike Wrangler, Peter Kurzon, and West Regent.   While his career in adult entertainment probably began in the 1970s with meat market loops, thankfully for his gay fans, Mike performed solo for Nova in Fistsfull (a 1984 release).

In this movie compilation featuring six gentlemen, Mike's solo performance is titled  The Jock, The Music and the Mirror and features Arlen masturbating that famous bent dick, which would eventually be invited into the mouth, pussy and/or ass of pretty much every female star of  golden-era 1980s porn.   It's widely reported that in 1980 female porn star Loni Sanders first met her future husband Mike Ranger on the set of a soft-core picture.  Loni initially acted in hardcore X-rated movies with just Ranger and other women, but eventually performed with men other than Mike.  After divorcing Mike Ranger she continued in the business.  To his credit, Mike was a talented actor as well as skilled sportsman when it came to fucking the ladies and always delivered terrific performances.  While intended for straight audiences, many of his straight movies wisely focused the lens on Mike as he (in an era before erection pills) enjoyed sewing countless seeds from those hairy dishwater blond balls, using that muscular yet wiry ass to flex its way into movie history.  And as we will see in part three of this series, when VHS rental tapes became popular with home audiences in the 1980s, it was one classic movie featuring one classic scene (with Mike's body in action doing naughty things to an actress) that caused many to freeze the image so often that the tapes would become stretched in that location.

VGMH BONUS!!  Also in this movie was handsome Dan Kennedy who also performs in a solo scene.   Big-dicked and comfortable riding a crotch rocket, we watch as Dan wrenches his bike up and then decides to get himself off, complete with a nice old-school athletic supporter cock rub on the leather seat saddle as he humps and pumps it.  Finally the scents of gasoline, oil, and sweaty man all combine to fill the musty garage with the pungent aroma of sperm. The photo below is probably enough for many men (and women) to beg for a ride...on his bike?
And since we know that studios were never shy about recycling, here's a nifty stand-alone ad for Dan's scene (titled the same as in the compilation movie as The Biker Jocker).  We will feature more of Dan in the future.

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