Monday, May 11, 2015

Guess the Famous Retro Stud!

The year was 1979 and the month was May.  Hustler magazine not only was a publication for all-American straight men, it was for straight men who liked their smut raunchy in comparison to classier rags like Playboy.  And thanks to its very progressive (when it came to sexuality and gay rights) and intellectual publisher Larry Flynt, the magazine gave the readers what they wanted but also challenged them to think.  Both Penthouse and Hustler had begun including men in their sexual pictorials in the lalf of the 1970s and while some readers were upset seeing 'limp dicked men' with their hottie chicks, the popularity of the pictorials translated to more unit sales.  Straight-identified males like to watch other men having sex with women in smut.  Looking at the cover, for all the sex, the magazine was very topical and cultural.  Interestingly, the cover from 1979 asks 'Why the politicians fear instant voting' (still an issue today) and advertises a story on 'Circumcision: Repressive mutilation' (any visit to a gym showers will confirm that cutting cocks was on its way out with parents).
OK, so some may think that maybe Hayloft Harvest was published in the wrong season (Fall would have probably made more sense?)  but thanks to my farmer uncle Roy from Kansas, I know that winter wheat is harvested actually from mid-May to mid-July.

So maybe the readers were drooling over the naked lady, but the stud in the photo shoot was a true smut star in his own right who had a loyal gay fan base. He began his career in the adult entertainment industry in low-budget films and short loops in his early 20's (which was also the early 1970s) and remained an active performer in straight porn until 1992.  The viewpoint of the underside of his curved cock (when erect, his penis curves to his left) is one of the most-recognizable in smut film history because of one of his most-famous roles in a classic 1980 straight film, which was shot glorifying him during heated penetration.  It's also reported that he appeared solo in gay-oriented smut using another name. Recognize him or his famous pleasure stick?

Please stay tuned for part two.

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