Monday, April 20, 2015

'April Homo' Happiness circa 1973-1977

Above: A dark haired carny worker delivers a hard bone to an appreciative new friend.
Homo Happiness was produced in Denmark and released in 1973 as a reel-to-reel loop movie.  This Rodox series was released on 8mm film and was usually about 200 feet long, which translates to an approximate running time of 13 minutes.  A success, it was then re-released in 1975 and 1977 and was a product of the Color Climax Studios as part of their Rodox Films (which had begun in 1972).   The paper ads mailed to customers included gay selections alongside their straight offerings, which probably has something to do with the "homo" in the title, making certain that people didn't accidentally order a gay flick by mistake!  Just as adult book stores in big cities catered to straight men and gay men alike, some films ordered by mail also acknowledged that guys may have different desires, but 'sex is sex' and porn (then usually illegal) was porn.

In Homo Happiness the most-favored prize of this gay couple looks like the dark haired gent working the shooting booth.

To offer an example of how these movies were recycled in promotions, below looks like it was being released by Exciting films (no. 961) in 1978.  It must be noted that back then in the early 1970s, homosexuality was illegal in many countries and ordering this material could get a guy arrested, and including gay and straight sexual products in the same marketing brochures, without negative commentary or labeling as being 'perverted' in sexual nature was special. 

In this short, three handsome (as in real-life vs. model-perfect) men get together, when two of them visit a local amusement park and meet a worker at one of the try-your-luck carnival booths.  In the true 'Great Dane' style of acceptance of same-gender sexuality, the couple are open about displaying their affections in public.  Then things start to happen without asking a whole lot of questions when they meet the carny worker.   A good time is had by all with kissing, blow jobs and anal sex.  The dark curly haired carny worker winds up screwing one gent as well as taking a hard blond haired cock up his ass courtesy of both men using him, one in the straddling position and the other going at him doggy style.  Of course the dark haired carny worker also gets his chance to lay some pipe.  In an more innocent time, this was all pre-condom.
Looks like this male duo hit the winning carny target twice--first enjoying the half-erect cock of their new friend in their mouths, and then taking turns screwing his tight ass.

The Rodox studio at the time was enjoying a lot of international success with its magazines and films.  As an example of one of it's popular 1976 releases, big-dicked (and gay movie star early-on in his career) John Holmes was the star of the straight loop Oversized Weapon.  The cover even advertises not the girl (which one might think that straight men would be most-interested in) but Holmes as having"[...] the biggest cock in the world."
Another title to come out in 1973 (and then re-released in 1977) was Homo Pick-Up.  The 1977 version was released as a Super 8mm color hardcore sex film, 60 meter with a German language audio track.  The fact that the movie is described in three languages gives credence to just how popular the series was for gay men in the early-to-mid (it was re-released) 1970s who were hungry for gay erotica.  In the opinion of VGMH the narrative is very telling of the era and the open viewpoint of the Danes when it came to male masculinity and sexuality: "Two guys meet up in a park. They go home and while sexing another guy is invited over the phone to come over. The tattooed guy also featured in hetero loops."

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