Friday, March 27, 2015

"Peeping Tom" 1950s Loop Reel

The male-dominated opening credits animation is enough to fall in love with this nifty little retro gem.  First, we see curtains which are slightly opened so as to reveal a young man's head.  Then the letters begin to sort and spin themselves on the screen to spell out PEEPING  TOM and finally a magnifying glass sweeps down and enlarges his face.
In this short, a handsome guy (the same one in the opening credits) spies on a naughty girl masturbating herself alone in her bedroom!  She even somehow managed to get herself a dildo--in the 1950s!  Golly gee, for a guy with a boner this is somethin' special and she's almost got to be a slut, because everyone knows that good girls don't do such things!  This little tart is definately NOT the kind of girl who would have been invited to dinner on Leave it to Beaver, but her natural beaver sure looks to be attracting this big-cocked voyeur named Tom!   He reveals himself and they commence to kissing and sex play as she enjoys his cock and he gets her nipples visibly erect while playing with her pussy.  Just one look at the shot below and surely everyone is asking themselves, what sort of bedspread are they laying upon?  It was called chenille fabric and it was very popular in the 1950s. That is also hi-tech electronics on her nightstand.  Notice the stage lights glare against the headboard.  Oh yea, in addition to the great furnishings in the room, she's going down on this 'cat like his weenie is ready to give up a slap stick and poke ride'.  Translation from 1950s slang: 'This stupid ho bitch likes to suck cock and get fucked'.

This stag film would have been played on a projector.  It's reported that the gent was a male physique model who also went by the name Johnny Tyler.  If anyone has anymore info on him please contact me.  Thanks.

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