Friday, March 13, 2015

Bill Davidson Mr. March 1979

 Bill Davidson was the centerfold of the month and became one of their more popular hunks, as the glorious 1970's decade ended.  Sure, his blond styled hair, tanned skin and 70's prerequisite handlebar moustache were manly-beautiful ...but it was his thick semi-erect cock and those loose door knockers that made him especially memorable.  In contrast to the 'natural settings' usually taken in the great outdoors that the magazine used in its early years, Bill was posed in scenes to accentuate his body.  Thanks to folks who have scanned new crisp images I've been able to add some updated photos that are a better representation of what the original magazine issue images looked like.  VGMH has received many emails over the years related to Bill and well, let's just say that a whole lot of youthful lust was wiped away on tissue papers thanks to Mr. Davidson.

 Sales of the issue probably were also helped by having then super-hot Robin Williams on the cover--he was also on the cover of TIME magazine that same month.
This issue of the magazine was chock-full of naked guys--their  Real Men of the Month section included: David Pacic, Michael Browet, Ken Ruggiero, Bruce Graybill, Richard Wayne Butler, Robert Bush, Stan Neal, Marcel A. Lee, Steve Rogers, Joel S. Fogel, Ron Potts, Peter Gemmi, Bill Wallace, Adrian Kaid, and Richard Fisher.
 Must-reads in this issue included: 1, 000 Hysterically Funny Words From Martin Mull, Ten Ways To Really Turn Him On, and A Doctor Answers Your Questions About Birth Control.

In January1980, Bill would grace the magazine's special edition (below) featuring their best models.

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