Saturday, February 21, 2015

Artist Sketchbook: Lord Iron

His work is best recognized from Handjobs magazine, a printed paper periodical that developed a very devoted following around the world.   Lord Iron often captured not only the emotional bonding between men (of legal adult age, but often having an older Daddy-type in the story), but his work also celebrated what happened when two men enjoyed the pleasures of the male human cock.  The stories in the magazine were raunchy and explicit and that's the way the readers seemed to like it. 
Handjobs was first published in April,1991. The publishers only printed twelve copies of that first issue and took them to A Different Light Bookstore in San Francisco.  They quickly became very popular.  Every month since then, an issue was published (283 issues in all).  Sadly, the Internet took its toll with bookstores closing and the number of subscribers to a paper rag declining.   Attempts to transfer its success over to an online version were less-than-ideal, which is not unusual for printed magazine publishers.  The October 2014 issue was the last issue of Handjobs published.  Second market sales continue to be strong..ironically on the Internet.

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