Sunday, February 15, 2015

Beastly Desires Within Men

February 1996
(from Beasts and Beauties: The Erotic Art of Olaf )

"I was born a man with two talents, one for the theatre and one for art. I pursued both of these arts from the time I was very young. I started drawing in kindergarten. I was working with oils by the time I was in fifth grade and had my first exhibition at that time.

When I reached puberty I became entranced by what was happening to me sexually and I drew hundreds of drawings of my erect cock. While I had been drawing men since I was five, I now began to draw them with less clothes and more visible genitals.

In the seventies, I saw the Satyr as the perfect symbol of gay men in that period. In Greek myth, satyrs bring joy and love into the lives of men.

I praise the beauty of masculine men in my art, of their grace, of the passion of their sexuality. Of the peaks and valleys of their fleshscape. Of their raw power. Of their gentle kindness. Of love between men. Of their hardness of body, the wealth of hair on their chest and bodies, of their sense of companionship."



  1. fuck yeahh drolls incotrolably!! i love beast men muscle demons and satyrus are very horny too i jerk a lot
    steve You have masturbated thinking about Beastly ?

  2. LUXURY! OLAF ODEGAARD is a mother fucker! "he knew what was good" Satyrs are the hottest creatures of the world i´d love be fucke and bangbanged by a lot of furry Satyrs .... and their furry phallus
    more more muscle beasts webmaster!!

  3. since childhood I loved to masturbate with hybrid creatures like Minotaurs satirus werewolves ... Beast from X-Men Movies make me cum !
    why these creatures arouse so hot? post

  4. Wow, yum! His big HAIRY uncut cock looks delicious! ;D I love this! Can’t help but look at the rockets/missiles as phallic objects, hahaha.
    i´m fucked my hole in this moment seeing that DEVIL muscle fauns
    Olaf was a old perverted it had a true obsession for these mythological creatures fauns are pure manhood !
    for the first time in his blog it s great load more about Beastly Desires .

  5. wooff so sexy i love beast men


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