Friday, January 9, 2015

Lucky Leo

We just paid homage to veteran muscleman Zeb Atlas, so now let's take a look at another one of the hottest iron-pumping beauties ever to show it all, Leo Giamani.  It's reported that Leo had been working as a fireman for six months prior to being discovered for his obvious attributes, which included not only that 200-pound ripped hard body and those massive arms, but also a handsome rough face and a large thick penis of Italian-heritage.  He started in the adult industry back in 2008 at the age of 29, so this was no twink--he was a full grown man.   Leo Giamani was born on June 19, 1978 in the USA as Robert Foresta.  His talents in adult entertainment were quickly acknowledged as he was awarded QueerClick man of the year 2008; one of Cybersocket's top 50 porn stars in 2009, and GayVN Awards best web performer 2009. Was he straight, bisexual or gay?  His fans probably didn't care much as long as they were treated to Leo's muscular treats. 
Then it was announced that he had retired from porn.  Leo's many (and there were MANY) fans were sad but grateful for the work that he did as a stud (top, bottom and solo).
But wait! In February 2014 it was announced that he was making something of a comeback.   Opinions were somewhat mixed on his comeback promotional photos, which included wishes that Leo might have aged a bit along with his adoring fans.  Who wouldn't want to see that chin stubble hair salt and peppered?   But for the most part, his adoring public was no doubt just happy to just have Leo back.

One of his most famous roles was in the 2009 spoof That 70's Porn Movie (above and below) complete with fake handlebar moustache on Leo.

Leo Giamani fans helped make the movie a hit just to watch their favorite sex star appear as a mustachioed professor who takes ass-revenge on a frat pledge (Mike West) complete with dildo play. If you recognize these photos of him in that powder blue leisure suit it's not by accident--new fans arrive daily thanks to the Internet, wondering who this handsome hunk is.

Above: Grab his cock and the man comes with it.  Leo (second, left) remains an eyeful, even in a shower of hot naked men.
Above: An excellent example of how a very talented photographer and his special model can create a timeless beautiful work of art that is also erotic in capturing the essence of manhood. 

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